Better Price Audio Technica Headphones

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Better Price Audio Technica Headphones

If you are planning on buying some Audio-Technica headphone products form Amazon, then there is a very good chance you may be in danger of over-paying

The following is a list of products from the fan favorite consumer brand that you can currently buy right now online from at much cheaper prices (as of the time of writing).

If these prices adjust, or if you ever come across cheaper prices than this website, we offer price matching from any authorized dealer to ensure you the best possible deal.


1. Audio-Technica AT WLA1

          Amazon:  $79.87

         Audio46: $39.95  

This  adapter is a hidden gem of a product. It will turn any wired headphone that is compatible with detachable coaxial cables into a bluetooth wireless headphone.

These have an easy and comfortable around the neck as well as a convenient in line remote to control your functions that will be compatible with any apple or android device.

They also have an internal battery that will power the headphones for 7 hours, as well as ear hooks and an option to clip to the shirt. Bluetooth codecs supported are aptX, AAC and SBC


2. Audio-Technica LS400is

         Amazon: $579.00

        Audio46: $399.95 

This is a pair of in ear quad armature driver headphones with in line mic and controls. These armature drivers were designed specifically for audio-technica's “live sound” series and deliver clear, immersive audio with full powerful bass.

Each stainless steel housing contains one high frequency driver, one for mids, and two for low end to deliver that nice bassy audio-technica signature that fans know and love.

The shape of the housing is nice and ergonomic, and these feature a detachable 1.2m cable with detachable coaxial connections for durability and high sound quality. They also fold around the ears for a snug iem style fit.


3. Audio-Technica SR6BT

         Amazon: $119.18

        Audio 46: $99.95 

This is a really simple but reliable no frills over ear wireless headphone that’s gonna deliver all the features you want and expect without any superfluous frills. These feature Bluetooth 4.1 technology with near field technology to allow for easy and instant pairing and high fidelity sound with all your favorite devices.

You’ll also get up to 30 hours of battery out of these with a single charge, a standard 3.5mm connector and 39 ohms of resistance for easy powering.

On the sound end, these utilize 45mm drivers and a 5khz to 40 khz frequency response to get a combination and big powerful sound and great sonic detail. Finally, these do fold for easy transport and storage.


4. Audio-Technica ATH ANC70

         Amazon: $59.99

        Audio46: $49.95 

These may be worth a look if you foresee a potential return to travelling or commuting in 2021. The ATH ANC70 is a lightweight and compact noise cancelling headphone that provides superior audio quality while blocking out any ambient distractions around you.

The sound is very high resolution with intense bass, detailed mid range and extended treble, thanks to the 40mm driver with rare earth magnet system. This combines with robust and accurate imaging and layering for a highly immersive experience regardless of your environment. The high quality mic here is also built into the ear cup rather than the cable, for consistent distance from the speaker, and less noise from clothing rustle or cable motion. 

These will give you about 40 hours of battery life, can also be used passively without battery if you are in a bind.

5. Audio-Technica WS550iS

          Audio46: $59.95

*These are currently no longer available on Amazon, but are being offered on at a 40 percent discount.

These big over ear headphones are specially designed with one goal in mind: BASS. These cans utilize 53mm deep motion drivers to produce deep, impactful and articulate low end to give your music the power and drive it needs - from rock, to hip hop, to electronica and everything in between.

While these are tailored to bass heads, the other frequency ranges are also given the hifi treatment and retain high levels of accuracy. Aluminum finishing on the housing allows for an anti vibration mechanic that makes highs and mids crystal clear.  Playback is also easy to control using an inline remote to pause, play, rewind and skip on compatible apple or android devices. You can use this to control all your calls. Finally, these feature a swivel design for easy collapsing.

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