Top 5 Headphones for Last Minute Gift Ideas in 2020

by: Franco Giacomarra
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Top 5 Headphones for Last Minute Gift Ideas in 2020

SIVGA Phoenix ($255.00)

There’s not much more I can say about this headphone, as I’ve been on board the hype train since it dropped this past fall - they are one of our best sellers and we named them a top item of 2020.

These are handmade from Zebra Wood and anodized aluminum. Beyond the stunning aesthetics, this also comes equipped with a specially made ultra thin diaphragm driver that gives the Phoenix some of the best possible bass response for an open back headphone. This means you’ll get all the rich and open soundstage that you crave with a big open back, but will still be able to enjoy the thump and deep rattle of your favorite hip hop, rock or electronica. 

Right now the Phoenix is 14 percent off, providing an even better deal on one of the most sophisticated value headphones on the market.  

Queen of Audio Vesper ($69.00)

The absolute steal of an item is an affordable and great looking IEM from Queen of Audio. This is a hybrid unit, featuring a 10mm dynamic driver to handle low end frequencies, and a Knowles 32873 balanced armature driver for mids and highs. This allows for a flexible sound signature that can handle a versatile and wide range of musical genres and styles.

The shells are also small and ergonomic, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit without any unwelcome protruding. The housing also has a simple and attractive pattern, as well as an extremely light weight that allows you to get lost in your music without even remembering that you are them. Lastly, the cables use a silver plated pure alloy copper, a 3.5mm gold plated plug and a 2 pin connection.

If you want a quality and good looking IEM without breaking the bank, these come highly recommended. 


Shanling UA1 Portable USB-C Adapter ($39.99)

This is a small little item but don’t think that means it won’t pack a decent punch! This is a 3.5mm to USB C DAC adapter that can immediately level your tracks up from standard quality to high resolution quality. It’s very affordable at just 45 bucks, and it’s a low key, non imposing unit that you can easily keep on you at all times. It's got a simple black color, the components are nice and high quality and it has the 32 bit at 384 khz specs written right on the side.

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable solution to upgrade your listening, or just an entry level gift for the budding audiophile in your life, this is a magnificent option.

Final audio vr 3000 ($79.99)

This is an item that is totally unique in its aspirations to be the first truly great gaming earbud. Featuring a sleek all black color and a very functional and stylish IEM design, these support a great fit and total comfort for the serious gamer whose sessions last hours and hours.

These feature a 6mm driver and seek to fix the problem of gaming headphones being overly emphasized in the high and low frequencies. Instead, this uses a fairly neutral and flat signature to completely immerse you in the world of your game, or film or tv show for that matter. The soundstage is exceptionally wide, so much so that regular old music can sound a bit too disparate on here. But if you are looking for an earbud to deliver you or your favorite game total immersion, this is the one.

Strauss & Wagner ANCBT501 ($99.00)

This is a very budget friendly bluetooth headphone with active noise cancelling technology. This headphone provides three different settings for noise cancellation: passive, where the only cancellation will result from your ears being covered by the earpad, environmental, where you can hear the environment around you through the headphones, or active which will block out all ambient noise. 

The SW ANCBT 501 has a classic black look, and a strong durable design which collapses to allow for easy storage and transportation. The earpads are also replaceable and made of leather for a comfortable feel no matter how long you wear them. These employ fast charging via USB type C, and will last for 40 hours of playback time on a full charge, providing a smooth and balanced sound profile. If you think you might return to commuting again in 2021, these are a great investment to make.

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