Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless On-Ear Headphones Review

by: Russell Huq
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Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless On-Ear Headphones Review

I’m a big fan of Beyerdynamic sound, and the professional models seem to be a common choice for discerning audio engineers and mixers. So, I was excited to hear Beyerdynamic’s first release of their wireless Bluetooth on-ear headphones.



Aventho wireless headphones

Audio cable with mini jack plug (3.5 mm)

Charging cable USB-A to USB-C

Padded canvas carry bag



The Beyerdynamic Aventho is an on-ear headphone. The ear pads are leather, as is the headband, which is thin and a little dainty. But I like the minimalist design. The fit is soft and yet firm enough for a good seal. They’re also pretty light. The headband adjustment is very precise, as it has inlets that snap into place as you move them. Once adjusted to your ear, they remain perfectly stable.



The Beyerdynamic Aventho headphones come in black and brown and the Bluetooth design is sleek and simple. One button controls power, while the right ear cup has touch control, which gives you the ability to play, control volume and skip back and forth between songs. I like the simplicity of no buttons, but the touch control takes a bit of getting used to. The headphones can also handle up to two devices at a time.

The operating range is average for wireless headphones. It works well up to about 30 feet, but once you turn a corner at that distance, the sound begins to drop out. Call clarity on these sounded great, even in loud environments.

There’s an app that accompanies the Beyerdynamic Aventho, called MIY. It personalizes the sound to your preferences and listening tendencies. You enter your year of birth and then it tests your hearing. Personally, I had trouble identifying a real distinction in sound after the test, but others may feel it makes a real difference. The app also allows you to choose music intensity, depending on how punchy you like it. I found this function helpful because it created a significant difference in sound.

Battery runtime is about 30 hours, which is on the higher end of performance for most wireless on-ear or over-ear brands. They take 2 hours to fully charge. When you turn the headphones on, there’s a voice prompt that updates you on the battery life. It also alerts you once you’ve switched the device on or off and tells you whether you’re connected.

They don’t fold, which is not ideal when travelling. But it comes with a really cool padded canvas bag that makes up for the inconvenience. The headphones are relatively small, so you probably won’t find it to be a problem.



In short, the Beyerdynamic Aventho sound awesome. I was really impressed by how balanced they were, and there’s a general richness to these headphones that make you want to keep listening. The bass has grip and body, but it’s not incredibly deep. I listened to some hip-hop on these and they were fine for my taste, but if you like the bass really low or thumping, they might not do it for you. The mids are warm and have real fullness to them, while the treble is nice and round. No edginess to these at all. Pop music feels very clear, tight and dynamic, and the headphones sound particularly great when playing any kind of anthemic rock. Drums are accurate and have a good ambience.

The vocals don’t have a huge amount of presence but are still pleasant in texture. Acoustic instruments are very articulate, and I found that acoustic guitars had a lot of detail. So, these will definitely work well for folk or bluegrass. Brass sounds nice and breathy too. The imaging is good, and there’s a real sense of spaciousness to these headphones. This becomes especially apparent when listening to classical music. I don’t listen to too much classical, but it had such lushness and depth that it was a pleasure to experience. They may not be the cheapest headphones out there, but I think they’re well worth the investment.



Frequency response:10 – 40,000 Hz

Nominal impedance: 32 Ω

Nominal SPL with jack plug cable: 105 dB SPL (1 mW / 500 Hz)

Nominal power handling capacity: 100 mW

T.H.D: 0.3% @ 500 Hz

Cable length and connector: 1.2 m, detachable, 3-pole mini stereo jack (3.5 mm)

Bluetooth version: 4.2

Frequency range: 2.4000 – 2.4835 GHz

Power class: 2.0

Operating range: up to 10 m

Battery runtime: > 30 hrs.

Charging time: 2 hrs.

Weight without cable: 238 g

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