Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus: Headphones of a Bassed God

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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus:  Headphones of a Bassed God

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus headphones sound fantastic.  And before you get all pessimistic on me, consider that these headphones allow you to select multiple levels of bass…something you adjust as the tracks change.  Intrigued?

Headphones of a Bassed God

A lot of headphones go after an even-keeled if slightly-warm sound.  A lot more go after thumping bass at the cost of mids and lows.  And the lions share of headphones rely on gimmicks to move units.  Imagine our surprise when we found all three types rolled into one:  the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus.

Even Keeled Sound

It’s there, you just have to dial the bass down.  Wayyyy dowwwwwwn.  Dowwwwwwn towwwwwwwn.  There are two nobs – one on either earcup.  You move them to adjust bass.  It’s pretty cool.  And with the bass turned down, you get a very flat sound – as my coworker Reggie put it, great for production work, but kind of dull for everyday listening.  However, that’s where the bass comes in.

Bass in Spades

When you get sick of listening to flat sound, you can gradually up the amount of bass offered by the headphones, with three different levels of bass-ness.  You don’t hear sound quality being sacrificed from the mids and the highs, as is usually the case – or at least I couldn’t, and I was freaking trying.

Build Quality

Comprised of plastic, PU leather, and metal, these headphones are built well.  They definitely feel solid in the hand.  On the detachable cable, there is a single control button for pausing, playing, and skipping forward or backward.  In general I would say the build is great, if it weren’t for the stupid “custom” thing they have going on, which, from what I can piece together, roughly boils down to:  spend $229 on a pair of headphones so that you can decorate them like you were in the third grade again.

There’s a stupid Velcro fastening on the PU leather headband cushion-thing, and you can take that off and (I think?) you can replace it with something stupid that says RAWKER or has a picture of Spongebob on it.  That’s the gimmicky part.

Now, let’s talk turkey.  Should you buy these headphones?

Yes – if you listen to a wide range of music and some of that music contains lots of bass.  Think EDM or some Hip Hop.  Maybe a little rock.  Maybe some Crunk-Core.  Maybe some screamo from the 2000’s.  I don’t know.

No – if you just want an even sound, or at most, a bare minimum of bass, but you never ever want lots of bass. The really great thing about these headphones is the ability to select the amount of bass that best fits the music you listen to.  If you have every recording of Beethoven’s Moonight Sonata and that is all you listen to, forgo these headphones.  If Edvard Grieg is your commute buddy every day, again, these headphones may not be for you.

Are there similar headphones for less?  No.  No headphones really do what these do, which is to cover just about any kind of music, offering a flat response on one end and a dynamic bass on the other.  If you wanted the bass without the mids and highs, you could possibly look at more consumerish brands.  If you’re into the whole changing bass level to match the music, then no, just buy these and love them. Check out other Beyerdynamic headphones at Audio46.

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