Beyerdynamic T5p Second Generation Review

by: Russell Huq
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Beyerdynamic T5p Second Generation Review

The Beyerdynamic T5p Second Generation is here, sitting on my head, and begging a review.  It’s clearly different from the original T5p in both look and sound, but is it an improvement?

Beyerdynamic T5p Second Generation Review

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When the T1 Second Generation showed up, we figured it would only be a matter of time before the same improvements made their way to the T5p.  Fast forward to today, as I’m testing the new T5p against its predecessor to see just what has changed.

The new T5p sports removable cable of the same flavor as those that come with the Second Generation T1.  Compared to the old cables, these newer ones are thicker, with a nylon jacket.  One end terminates in a 3.5mm plug with a 1/4” adapter.  The other end of the cable splits into a left and right 3.5mm plugs for the respective earcups.

While the removable cables on the Second Generation are the most obvious cosmetic difference, the pads also feel a bit different, and maybe a bit more plush.  This impression could be completely psychological, though.

When it comes to sound, there are some slight yet noticeable differences.  When stacked up side by side, the original T5p might sound more “canned” or compressed.  There is more detail in the high mids, and female vocals really shine through.  On the Second Generation, there’s a deeper, rumbling bass, as well as a more relaxed high end.  Between the two, the Second Generation may come off as more articulate and more balanced, with less compression.  Separation and clarity may well depend on the type of music you’re listening to, but our money would be on the newer T5p when it comes to overall listening experience.

That being said, is there a reason to opt for the older version?  If you can demo them and don’t notice a difference, and if you prefer detail in the high mids or female-vocal-heavy music, snatch up the original and save some mullah in the process.  If you want a pair of great cans for everything, with a better sense of balance and detail, opt for the Second Generation and rest assured you’ll be getting better build quality in the bargain.

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