Contest Submission – MEE Audio Pinnacle P1In-Ear Headphones

by: Audio 46
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Contest Submission – MEE Audio Pinnacle P1In-Ear Headphones

MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 Audiophile In-Ear Headphones

By, Andy B.


So I did not want to hastily write a review for headphones that I just bought the day I got them, being fueled by the hype that comes with getting something new and cool. But after a week of using these things, the hype from that day is still going strong! I purchased the Mee Audio Pinnacle P1 in-ear headphones from Audio46 after being very disappointed with the level of sound and quality that the Bose Ultrasound in-ear headphones were giving me. I felt that the quality was dropping as it got louder and was meant for more easy listening. Which for my collection of music which consisted of Orchestra, Chiptunes, Video game soundtracks, Symphonic and Gothic Metal, Industrial Metal, Electronica, and Techno to name a few, made it feel severely lacking. So I came into the store told them of my plight and then proceeded to try out the different types of headphones that they had lined up for me.

After testing out my music with different headphones I ultimately decided on these babies. The Mee Audio Pinnacles immediately caught my attention with the aesthetic of the headphones with the wires looking like metal chains! And the sounds! Oh man, the sounds! The quality of these headphones is superb! I hear certain notes and instruments that I could not before, vividly within the music I listen! Also, the headphones come with different sets of ear tips so you can adjust to how you want to listen! It comes with two wires, one with mic and one without so you can swap the wires! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention you can disconnect and replace the Kevlar based wires from the headphones! How amazing is that?! I would recommend these headphones to everyone who wants unprecedented sound with an edgy aesthetic!

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