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Two fresh pairs of headphones by Focal. The Clear MG versus the Clear MG Professionals. From the looks, its easy to tell the difference - the Professionals rock black with red cushioning, while the regular MG's don smooth, golden shades all around. 

Then we look at the specs. 55 ohm impedance - check. 5-28kHz frequency range - check. The Focal classic 40 mm M shaped magnesium driver - check. So... where does the difference lie? 

Well, for starters, the Clear MG comes with a 4-pin XLR. The Professionals come with an extra set of ear cushions. A little give and take between the two. With the same design, its the difference of color that really give them each their own vibe. 


Clear MG Pro Full
Clear MG Pro Shell
Focal Clear PRO Cushion
Clear MG Full
Focal Clear MG Shell
Focal Clear MG Cushion


How do they sound though? Let's jump right in. 


 CLEAR MG Professional CLEAR MG 
Exceptional width, height and clarity Still exceptional width, not as spread out, in exchange for a tighter sound


Side by side, after seeing the identical spec sheets, I was relieved to find a difference. The Clear MG Professionals sound completely open, wide enough to fit everything in comfortably, with an added measure of airiness at each end to give the sound real texture and breath. The Clear MG's were not as spread about, but what they lacked spatially they made up for with overall tightness and depth. 

Listening for the soundstage alone, I can tell that there are different applications for each of these headphones. Let's compare their sound profiles. 

CLEAR MG Professional

Thick, more defined, pumping at times

Great body, slightly less definition but held the songs tighter together. Comparable spatial placement

Pinpoint accuracy, everything was identifiable and clear with zero milk.

The same pinpoint accuracy, with the same clarity, but they blended more with each other thanks to a little extra warmth

Crisp, airy. Cut through the mix seamlessly without taking on any unwanted brightness. Very accurate sounding. 

A little more relaxed in overall positioning, but with a greater amount of brightness. It made vocals really fun to listen to. Although there was less airiness in comparison, it made up for it with the brightness and punch, which is hard to pull off in a way that remains pleasing to the ears. They pulled it off.



What Focal delivers equally to these headphones is accuracy and width. Besides slight tonal differences, which I'll get into in a second, both soundstages had precision when representing each frequency range. The space provided by their open-backs was breathtaking. Everything had a place, and it never sounded like I wasn't getting what I needed out of either of these.  


The sound profile varied between pairs, though slightly. The Clear MG Professionals are more open, with more air for the highs to breathe. Because of this, acoustic and live performances gave off an insane amount of depth and texture, leading me to think I was in the room watching Eric Clapton's Unplugged Session. 

The Clear MG's exchanged some of the airiness for brightness. This gave rap and pop vocals that extra push to the front of the songs, and boy was it nice. Along with that, there was more overall warmth of the music around the mid-lows, giving the songs as a whole a feeling of oneness that kept me coming back for more.


Choosing between these off sight would be difficult. Same price, nearly the same name. I am relieved to say though that depending on what you're trying to get out of the pair you choose, one may be more pleasing than the other. 

I'm setting up a list of criteria you may be following on your journey to sonic satisfaction. If it applies, then you may have found which ones are right for you. 

 CLEAR MG Professional CLEAR MG
  • If you listen to more ambient-based music - live performances sound like you're there
  • Rock and electronic music with a lot of space about them are very fun to experience on these
  • If you like a spacious field to your soundstage, to hear every piece in detail, these are more accurate as far as that is concerned
  • If you like airiness and shimmer in your highs. You get crystal clarity without any sort of brightness from the headphones themselves, for a high-purity sound
  • If you listen to a lot of rap or pop, vocals sound impeccable in these. A little brightness to make things pop. 
  • If you love bass, you might get slightly more enjoyment out of these - the warmth adds a sense of oneness for the listener. 
  • If you like a tighter feel to your music instead of a wide one, these provide both, with a bit more emphasis on the tightness, and more of a pop to the music as a whole.



If you are looking to fully experience every single aspect of a song, I would recommend the Clear MG Professionals. They are more accurate to the sounds they represent, and that stereo field makes it so you are fully enveloped by the experience. The music is all around you, and you get lost in it. That's what this stuff is all about. The Professionals will keep you on your toes (in a good way), for the space provided by them was an adventure in itself. 

The accuracy also makes these ideal for people who work in music or audio, hence the Professional in the name. Not a wave goes unnoticed with these. Not only that, but the clarity was amazing, and I think that mixing with these would prove fruitful. 

If you are looking to listen a bit more casually - you would like to experience music in a way that is not so analytical, but more geared towards pure enjoyment - then I would recommend the Clear MG's. The warmth that they provided versus the Professionals, again, gave a sense of oneness that makes them hard to take off. Listening to "Break the Law" by Mac Miller, I was fighting the urge to start moving. They'll get you pumped up thanks to the tightness in the low-mid range. 

Key differences:

The Clear MG's were brighter and warmer than their counterpart, made for listeners.

The Clear MG Professionals were more spacious, airy, and clear, made for both listeners and pros alike.

Which one would you go with? 

Focal Clear MG on Audio46

Focal Clear MG Professionals on Audio46



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  • This is nonsense. If you compare this review with the one by Major Hi-Fi, you’ll see they give opposite descriptions of the MG and MG Pro. They also give opposite cables that come with each. The point is, neither reviewer knows what they’re talking about. It’s all fairy dust. The fact is both models sound exactly the same. Same soundstage, same tuning, same clarity. How can I be so sure? Because I’ve owned the original Focal Clear, the original Focal Clear Pro. I currently own the Focal Clear MG and Focal Clear MG Pro. While there is a difference between the two generations, there is no difference in sound between the “Listener” version and the “Creator” versions. Buy whichever one you think looks best. They both sound great, and exactly the same.

  • Herein we see the absurdity of pseudo-audiophilism.

    Other than color schemes and accessories, there is no difference between the MG and MG Professional. They’re exactly the same beneath their shells. This is the official statement from Focal. Articles like this are misleading and could send readers down the wrong purchase path.

    Buy the style or accessories you like best, the sound is the same.

  • Is there any chance these differences have to do with the pads? I had been under the understanding that both the MG and MG Pro were tuned exactly the same, with only a different color scheme and different accessories. Isn’t that the statement made by Focal? I have a pair of MG Professionals that have been great for both music and gaming. I’m enjoying them a lot, but I would like to experiment with different pads (I’ve been looking into the Dekoni variants) to subtly play around with the dynamics and sound signature.

  • Great review, thanks! I have both on-hand and I’m having one hell of a hard time deciding between the two. Funny enough, gaming performance might be the deciding factor. Silly as that sounds, especially for the price and what they’re truly meant for, but I can see them being incredible for gaming with the detail and soundstage. They come across like they have surround sound at times. What do you think?


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