Gift Guide: Top 5 Holiday Gifts Under $100

by: Audio 46
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Gift Guide: Top 5 Holiday Gifts Under $100

Looking to get something memorable for that special music lover in your life. Look no further, Audio46, your headphone destination has collected our top 10 headphones of 2014 to make holiday shopping that much easier. Whether it’s the fitness buff, or the musician in your life, we’ve got the ideal headphones or speaker for them!

#5 SOL Republic Punk Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The SOL Republic Punk is the smaller sibling of the Deck, SOL Republics first portable bluetooth speaker. The punk is even more portable, with the same great sound and amazing battery life. If anyone you know is the type to always be hanging out with friends and cranking the tunes, the Punk makes the perfect gift.

Buy the Punk Now – Only $69.99


#4 Grain Audio IEHP Solid Wood Headphones

For the nature lover and craftsman or woman in your life, Grain Audio brings us the IEHP solid wood in-ear headphones. These headphones featured stunning clarity and a great low-end for supremely booming bass. Grain Audio is unlike any other “wood” headphone on the market today, utilizing a thick casing of sustainably harvested, hand finished walnut.


Buy the Grain Audio IEHP Now – Only $99.99



#3 Sennheiser URBANITE Over-Ear Headphones

Taking the world of fashion headphones by storm late this year the Sennheiser Urbanite should be on the top of everyones list for fashion lovers, and music lovers alike. The Urbanite is a super portable, super durable, and super awesome pair of headphones that offer great sound at a great price. While Sennheiser is known mostly for their extremely balanced headphones, the urbanite features more of an hyped-up EQ that is similar to Beats by Dre, without  sacrificing true audio quality for booming bass.


Buy the Sennheiser Urbanite Now – Only $199.99


#2 Audio-Technica M40x Over-Ear Studio Headphones

The acclaimed ATH-M40 got new life this year with the release of the ATH-M40x, the newer version of one of the industries best headphones. With a reputation for being hung on more studio walls then Black Sabbath posters, the ATH-M40x also has taken root in the audiophile community as well as everyday listeners. With ultra clear highs and lows, the ATH-M40x are known for being some of the best headphones you can buy for under $100


Buy the Sennheiser ATH-M40x Now – Only $99.99

#1 Rhythmz Blu HD Bluetooth Headphones

The #1 gift under $100 we’d recommend for any music lover is the Rhythmz Blu HD wireless headphones. With touch gesture controls, a hard shell case, an extra long battery life, and booming bass the Rhythmz Blu are a great gift for just about anyone on your list. Often thought of as the cheaper alternative to costly celebrity brand headphones, the Rythmz offer much more than just that. They offer chrystal clear sound, excellent low-end response, just to name a few.


Buy the Sennheiser Rhythmz Blu Now – Only $89.99

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