Grado PS1000e Review

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Grado PS1000e Review

Apart from being a $1700 pair of headphones, the professional Grado PS1000e is a statement in quality craftsmanship – with an impeccable sound to match.

Grado PS1000e:  Priciest with the Mostest

While the whole Grado gang of headphones is well-noted for their quality of build and quality of sound, the Grado PS1000e takes both to brand spankin’ new heights.  The first thing to become apparent, though, is the time and thought and materials that went into these badass headphones.  I mean, damn.  Just…damn.

When you crack the box open, there are two foam-covered cans on the ends of a standard Grado headband.  Slip these off and you’re confronted with two heavy, solid-looking stainless steel cans.  If you’ve always shied away from this brand because of the ear cups, the PS1000e may be the one you’ve been waiting for.  And it isn’t just the ear cups that are large and in charge, but the cord two, with an extra extension (possibly up to twelve feet in length?) that doubles the length.

So how does she sound?  When I listen to the Grado PS1000e and try to describe the sound, all I can think of is the painting Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli.  Only the babe in the seashell is wearing these headphones.  The sound, then, is meticulous.  No distortion, with exacting separation.  A relatively flat response with perhaps the slightest coloration in those highs.  Of course, it could just be my ears playing tricks on me:  the highs might just be unrealistically clear, and not necessarily amplified or adjusted in any way.  That being said, the mids and lows are still there, delicious in their glorious accuracy.

Downsides?  Those stainless steel cans prevent me from really nodding my head the way I like to, when I listen to music.  This is not a really big deal, but it does illustrate how heavy the ear cups are.  Even the slightest movement will cause the headphones to slide or jostle, despite how secure they might feel when I’m still.  Of course, the price, too, may deter people from attaining this apex of sound.  Is there a compromise?  Sure!  Go with a cheaper Grado headphone, like the GS1000e or the like for less money and a still-killer sound.

Final word:  if you can swing the price, and don’t worry about too much strain on your neck – or just want a pair of Grados that sound good and look sexy as Hell – get these headphones.  Rob Fort Knox, work the corner, or sell bootleg girls scout cookies.  Just do what you have to do to get yourself a pair of the PS1000e headphones.

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