IFI Announce ZEN CAN Available Now!

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IFI Announce ZEN CAN Available Now!

Known for their high-end headphone amplifiers, iFi has announced a brand new DAC to their Zen series. iFi promises to give you 52x the power to your computer or smartphone device. 

zen can ports

Using iFi's Class A discrete balanced circuitry uses 15.1v @300 Ohms for some serious potential that'll drive any headphone. 

  • FET input avoids loading volume control – low distortion/noise
  • Low impedance feedback circuit enhances circuit performance with no resistor noise
  • Output amplifier gain of four steps in +6dB perfect for headphone matching

The ZEN CAN includes a 3D special sound circuit to combat the internal stereo field. The 3D circuit brings that internal field and makes it external without any reduced fidelity. 

zen can various ports

iFi doesn't want their listeners to be without a extra helping of bass. Xbass is an active EQ for headphones that might help give an ample amount of boost to certain headphones lacking in low end power. 

Underpinning the Balanced and Active EQ circuitry are:

  • Panasonic ECPU capacitors
  • TDK C0G (Class 1) ceramic capacitors
  • iFi/AMR ‘OV’ ‘Operationsverstärker’ series op-amps
  • MELF resistors
  • Texas Instruments low-noise ICs
  • muRata capacitors and
  • Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co. (TOCOS) multi-track potentiometer, with exceptional channel matching even at low volume


Check out the ZEN CAN for $169 at Audio 46

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