iHip Ivory In Ear Headphones Review

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iHip Ivory In Ear Headphones Review

The iHip Ivory In Ear Headphones we are Reviewing today come in a verity of colors such as, White, Ruby, and Sapphire. These headphones are based on the classic ‘ipod” style headphones sold by apple. However make no mistake, these aren’t your typical headphones. Incorporating a nice fabric lined cable, these headphones wont turn into a twisted ball of tangle in your pocket!

Aside from the improvement to the cable thus making it less of a pain, iHip also put some thought into the way these headphones sound, with a marked improvement from other brands int his style. If you are a fan of the classic “pod” style headphones, then these are an lentil option for you, especially at only $9.99 which is much less then the apple version!

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