Is This The Worlds First Pair Decent Over-Ear Headphones for Under $15?

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Is This The Worlds First Pair Decent Over-Ear Headphones for Under $15?

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Enjoy your music, and be stylish wile you are doing it. DJZ Headphones are a simple and sleek pair of headphones that look quite a bit like some other models we see floating around the city a lot, but cost about 5 – 10 times as much. The DJZ Headphones feature large drivers for strong bass response, which as we know is what most people are looking for in a pair of headphones. At least the younger buyers or anyone who listens to EDM or Hip-Hop, and even Pop. 

So why are we saying these are the worlds first decent pair of over-ear headphones? Well to start by no means are we saying these headphones are amazing audiophile quality, however these headphones score really high in both the fashion, and bang-for-your buck categories while also having a really decent sound for their price point.

At this point in our review I’d like to show some of our younger readers what sort of headphones were commonly available for under $20 when I was but a young buck…


Yup…if you went into a record store, or a CVS or pharmacy or even a store like ours in 1997 or 98, you’d find a selection of a handful of earbuds, and on-ear pieces of crap like the ones that came with your disc man…wait…do kids these days even know that that gray thing above IS? I digress….

The point here is that we are in a very very different time when it comes to the headphone market. Now with not even $15 you can score a pair of headphones that:

A. Sound decent

B. Look really cool, so much so that they are pretty much the same “look” as some really flashy brands…

Can you tell the difference? I can’t so why more if its the LOOK you are after!

C. As icing on the cake…these headphones come with a LIFETIME warranty. If they break through no fault of yours…free headphones coming your way. What more could you ask for!

If you are one of those people who has ever said ” I don’t know what the big deal with all those fancy headphones are”…but have caught people giving your old clunker headphones sideways stares…then it may be time to upgrade to the new standard of style and function all falling in the  “under $15′ category. Then these headphones are for you…the DJZ from iHip! GRAB YOURS HERE

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