SMS Audio Sync by 50 Wireless Headphones Review

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SMS Audio Sync by 50 Wireless Headphones Review


The Sync by 50 wireless headphones can be described as really really LOUD. The built-in volume level control provides extra decibels in addition to your devices inherent controls.

With the volume set at a comfortable level you can quickly see that the SMS Sync by 50 Wireless headphones provide rich and clear sound. They feature heavy bass with shinny and shimmery highs. No matter what genre you are a fan of these headphones are sure to have your music sounding great.

Kleer or Bluetooth

Instead of using the more common Bluetooth, Sync by 50 headphones stream wireless audio utlizing the Kleer technologies. Kleer provides 16-bit, 44.1- KHz audio — which is a bandwith that makes Bluetooth look like kid stuff. Another cool feature of the way this wireless system works is that four people can at the same time listen to the same source of audio.

Due to the use of the new Kleer technology, the folks at SMS Audio claim the SMS Syncs by 50 have a simply huge range of 50 feet. However in our actual test we were only able to walk about 35 feet away from the source before audio cut out. While its not 50, it’s good enough for us!

Noise Canceling

The Sync by 50 Wireless headphones is reliant on their enormous foam ear pads to provide inactive noise canceling. While the earcups block a decent amount of noise, they are surly no match for the beeping horns of Midtown NYC. By comparison, the Soul SL300′s active noise canceling allowed me to not hear anything around me.

Battery Life

The Syncs have a really long battery life. Longer then most comparable pairs of headphones. The headphones eventually were dead after a full 14 hours and 35 minutes of ongoing usage.

Headset / Talk features

Phone calls produced utilizing the Syncs have been good and high in volume, but the absence of active noise canceling allows a bunch of surrounding noises in.


If its high quality wireless headphones you are looking for these are your pair. They feature sound nearly as great as the Beats By Dre Pro but for a fraction of the price. Normally $299.99 Orb Headphones is presenting these at only $199.99

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