Jays v-Jays Review

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Jays v-Jays Review

Fresh on the heels of making a splash with their in-ear headphones, Jays of Sweden is cranking out some sick on-ear headphones.  And if the $230 u-Jays are too expensive for your tastes, the $60 v-Jays may be the perfect alternative.  But do they stack up to the competition?  Oh ya.

Jays v-Jays Review

Jays v-Jays Review

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The first thing that impresses me about these headphones is just how tiny they are.  The box they come is already minuscule at best, but the headphones don’t even take up its entirety.  There are also some nifty accessories packed in there – like a 27.5 inch extension cable and an extra pair of earpads.

The cable on the v-Jays is somewhat short, but in my mind it’s balanced out by the small size and the light weight, as well as the fact that it includes an extension in the box.

As for comfort, the v-Jays are about as pleasing to wear as any other on-ear headphone.  There is some decent clamping pressure, so it does seem louder and more detailed than some other models, but it may lead to some ear fatigue if you plan on listening to them for a very long time.

Sound is detailed throughout the frequency range, but these headphones do come off as noticeably bass-heavy.  It’s not an unpleasant amount of bass, but it doesn’t sound exactly lifelike, either.

Compared to the Koss PortaPro Classic, the v-Jays sound louder, more detailed, and less distorted.  Even at the Koss PortaPro’s high standards, the Jays still offer a semi-removable cable, a possibly better build, and that much better sound.

For those who don’t need the most portable of solutions, or for those who can get away with an open-back headphone, there are other options that will outdo the v-Jays.

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