JBL TUNE 110BT Wireless In Ear Headphones Review

by: Audio46 Headphones
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JBL TUNE 110BT Wireless In Ear Headphones Review

You’re tired of wires. I get it. We’re so entangled and yearning to be free. JBL wants to liberate you and give you bass to boot. But can you get a decent sounding pair of wireless in-ear headphones for 40 bucks? Let’s find out in this JBL T110BT Wireless In Ear Headphones Review.

IN the BOX 

T110BT headphones

Ear tips (S,M,L)

Charging Cable

Warranty Card


JBL’s usually have a really good in-ear fit. The T110BT is no exception. It also comes with 3 different sized ear tips. I did a backflip to test how securely they stay in. Nah, I wish I could do backflips, but my fitness level only lets me wobble my head. The good news is that they stayed in. But if you tend to have problems keeping earbuds in, you might want to try the sports models, like the JBL Reflect Contour 2 or the Reflect Mini 2. They’re $50 more, but they sound great. And I promise on the Pope’s life that they won’t fall out. The T110BT are not sweat resistant, my running friends. So be careful not to electrocute your brains.



The T110BT has a pretty simple design, and pairing it with your phone is a breeze. It has a microphone and 3 button remote that allows you to play/pause and skip. The earbuds are also magnetic, so they stick together like best buddies when they’re off your ears. They only have a 6 hour battery life, but that’s pretty average for a wireless pair in this price range. They take 2 hours to charge. The wireless range is a standard 30 feet without obstructions. (Obstructions only cause the signal to drop at the furthest distances).



These buds have a nice sound for the price. What I like about them is that they raise to a high volume, which isn’t the case with many headphones in this price range. Staying true to the JBL sound signature, the T110BT have a great bassy feel. They’re perfect for pop, hip-hop and EDM. The drums feel really punchy and they sound nice and warm. They’re not the clearest sound, but JBL tends to be a little muddy, especially in the cheaper price range. Folk and classical music doesn’t sound spectacular for this reason because of the missing detail. The highs are also a little sizzly, but only a problem when listening at loud volumes.



These are good value for money. They fit well, and sound decent. Bass-heads should be happy with them. It would be nice if they were sweat resistant, but hey, that’s life.



Driver size: 8.6mm

Dynamic frequency response range: 20Hz-20kHz

Sensitivity: 96dB


Weight: 16.2g

Charging time: <2hr

Warranty: 1 year

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. Call us during the store hours to talk to one of our JBL headphone experts.

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  • It’s ok… For the price that is…
    I have been using these for about 2 years now, so I think I’m pretty qualified to write about its cons…. So here goes…..


    1. Battery life is less. In fact if you use these continuously it will drain out in 5 hours. But you have just connected this and use it occasionally it will stay on for 10 or 12 hours.

    2. Music sound is less and bass is more. So some times you won’t hear any words just the music would be heard.

    3. While watching movies or series like GOT or the QUEENS GAMBIT even at high volume you will not be able to hear the conversations but instead you will hear BGM, and all the other noises.

    4. While in even a slightly noisy surroundings you will hear the sounds around you more than the actual music.

    5. Same with the voice calls. The person on the other side will hear more of the surrounding noise that your voice.

  • I’ve had these just over a year. They’ve worked great and then suddenly today, I cannot hey any sound to come out of them. I use them at night mostly in bed to listen to podcasts. My biggest complaint is that the light when they are on is so bright, that you have to have them covered or it will practically blind you when its dark.

    Lori d
  • I was wondering if there is an easy fix for my new earbuds. I bought on Feb 17th and one of the buds are now not working. I tried to talk to JBL but they wanted my receipt which i lost and can’t get it the receipt from telus as they are closed due to the virus.

    Don Ochitwa
  • It is good for 4-5 months after that quality starts decreasing and in 1-1.5 years it will be useful only in silence. the volume will decrease by 70%

    Vipul Kumar Jain
  • They are pretty useless for even the slowest jog. They flip annoyingly from side to side on your neck and pull out of your ears. Can’t recommend them for anything others than a gentle walk. Don’t bend down either.

    Mike Jones

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