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JBL T205 Earbuds Review | Audio46

by: Audio46 Headphones
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JBL T205 Earbuds Review | Audio46

You want a decent pair of headphones but you’re on a tight budget. Or maybe your Apple earbuds broke and you want a better replacement. JBL says it has you covered. At 30 bucks, the JBL T205 earbuds are the same price as the Apple EarPods. So, what sets JBL apart from other brands in this price range? Let’s find out in this JBL T205 Earbuds Review.

IN the BOX – JBL T205 Earbuds Review

JBL T205 Earbuds

JBL Carrying Pouch

FIT and DESIGN – JBL T205 Earbuds Review

The JBL T205 doesn’t come with ear tips. Instead, they’re contoured like the newer Iphone buds. They fit easily in my ears, but don’t provide any seal. So, there’s no sound isolation, and if you tend to have problems finding the right fit, these might not be for you. The upshot is that you don’t have to worry about losing the tips and buying new earphones. The cable is flat, which means it’s tangle free. It also has a mic/remote for call answering and play/pause. They’re not the sexiest looking pair of headphones out there, but they come in black, chrome, gold and rose gold.

SOUND – JBL T205 Earbuds Review

These buds sound pretty nice for $30. But I will say that for $50, you can get a pair that’s infinitely better in sound quality. The JBL T205’s strength is it’s low range. In true JBL fashion, it’s got a nice deep bass even though it’s not as deep as their more expensive models. Still, compared the Apple brand, you’re going to get a thumpier low range. The clarity is not spectacular, but less muddy than I expected. The JBL T205 do very well in the pop, hip-hop and EDM genres. The mids are present enough, which means that rock doesn’t sound too shabby either. And the call clarity is very good.

SUMMARY – JBL T205 Earbuds Review

For the price, these earbuds get the job done. If you prefer a deep bass, I would definitely recommend these over the Apple buds. The fit isn’t perfect, and you won’t drown out outside noise. Again, if you’re willing to spend $20 more, you’ll get a better bang for your buck. But if calls and podcasts are your priority, these will do fine. And Bruno Mars doesn’t sound bad either.

SPECIFICATIONS – JBL T205 Earbuds Review

Plug: 3.5mm

Dynamic Driver: 12.5 mm

Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20kHz

You can get JBL T205 Earbuds from our store.

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