Koss ProDJ100 Full Size DJ Headphones Review

by: Audio 46
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Koss ProDJ100 Full Size DJ Headphones Review

This week we checked out the KOSS ProDJ100 Headphones and for a sub-$100 pair of studio/pro dj headphones I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  To start of with the build quality on these headphones is absolutely the best I have seen in a pair of dj headphones at this price range. Usually they are mostly plastic and some steel / aluminium if you are lucky. The Koss ProDj100 Headphones on the other hand are constructed primarily of machined steel, giving them a super swanky look.  They have wonderfully plush ear-pads, and have a sound that’s nicely balanced for mixing records.

While these headphones don’t fold up completly into a ball like some DJ headphones, they do however fold totally flat so they can easily be stored in your DJ case, record bag or even your lappy case.  Their ability to fold flat is thanks to their full 180 degree rotational cup design which as I go over in the video is awesome for mixing.  For a headphones under $100 we strongly recommend the The Koss ProDj100 Headphones as a solid option for any pro dj, beginner, or simply a music lover who likes the look of these Koss ProDj100 Headphones

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