Mackie MP-220 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review

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Mackie MP-220 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review

I’ve never tested out a Mackie IEM. So, I’m excited to see what the MP-220 sounds like. These buds are designed as musicians’ monitors. But will they work for plain ol’ audiophiles that appreciate good sound? Let’s find out in this Mackie MP-220 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review.

IN the BOX – Mackie MP-220 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review

Hard molded case

Gold-plated ⅛” to ¼” adapter

Foam tips: s,m,l

Silicone tips: s,m,l

Double flange: s,m,l

FIT and DESIGN – Mackie MP-220 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review

These buds fit very easily and quickly in my ear. The cable has around-the-ear memory wires, and the shape of the housing is designed to rest perfectly in the contours of your ears. It feels very secure, and the sound isolation isn’t bad either. But if you’re performing on stage, for which these IEM’s were designed, you’ll definitely still hear the roar of your adoring fans.

The cable is braided and shielded, and it has detachable MMCX connectors that swivel. The dual drivers supposedly offer a big bass response and superior clarity. Let’s see if this claim holds up…

SOUND – Mackie MP-220 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review


Great lows. A very deep and rich bass with a ton of grip. It doesn’t have that wet, resonating sound that clouds the rest of the frequencies. This headphone is perfect for drummers and bass players, as well as for people who listen pop, hip-hop and EDM.


The higher mids are quite a bit more emphasized than the lower mids. The result is a slightly harsh sound. So, in terms on rock and pop-rock, I found the listening experience a tad underwhelming. I heard little fullness, but the clarity was there. There’s a good amount of vocal presence. So, in this respect, it’s ideal for the stage.


Much like the higher mids, the highs are more emphasized. As long as you’re not expecting a balanced sound, these will wok well as stage monitors.


Not a bad soundstage. I heard a lot of width for an in-ear headphone, and the imaging felt accurate.

SUMMARY – Mackie MP-220 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review

If you’re using these as IEM’s on stage, or you purely listen to pop and hip-hop, these buds will work great. 

SPECIFICATIONS – Mackie MP-220 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review

Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Transducer type: Dual dynamic

Sensitivity: 104 dB

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