Mee Audio Pinnacle P2 Earphones Review

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Mee Audio Pinnacle P2 Earphones Review

Mee Audio recently released their newest earphone, the Mee Audio Pinnacle P2. We got a chance to take a listen to see how these earphones perform amongst the sea of other in-ear headphones in its price range. So is it worth the $99? Today we’ll find out with this Mee Audio Pinnacle P2 review.


Frequency Response: 17Hz-20kHz

Impedance: 16 ohms

Sensitivity: 100 士 3  dBSPL/mW

Type: in-ear

Transducer: 10 mm, dynamic

Price: $99.99

In the Box


MMCX cable

Clothing clip

Eartips (3 pairs silicone, 1 pair foam, 3 pairs tapered)

Carrying case

Mee Audio Pinnacle P2 earphons 5


The Mee Audio Pinnacle P2, like the P1, is portable and includes a detachable MMCX cable. Unfortunately, the cable seems flimsy and has poor quality control. It crackles a bit when I move it around. Additionally, the driver housings are made of plastic, so they don’t feel particularly durable either. The earphones come with a lot of good eartips, which means most folks should find a good fit, at least in the ear canal. Like the Pinnacle P1, the shape of the housings are interesting, and while they don’t fit in my ears very well, I’m sure they’d fit well for some folks.



The low frequencies of the Mee Audio Pinnacle P2 are thick , although cloudy. They don’t have great bass extension but they have a broad boost around 100 Hz which extends to the low-mids, making kick drums and bass guitars hit with a full sound.


There is a midrange cut around 400 Hz which makes some provides a sense of space. Meanwhile, a boost at 5kHz gives vocals extra energy and also makes the high-mids hyped in particular.


The high frequencies are sometimes sibilant with a boost at 8kHz. While there isn’t great high end extension, the high frequencies are detailed and full.


The left-to right imaging of the Mee Audio Pinnacle P2 is is pretty wide, although not the widest I’ve heard. Additionally, the lack of extension in the high and low frequencies affects the height of the soundstage, but within its limited range it is actually pretty tall. Lastly, while the lows and highs don’t have much depth, the midrange has some subtle depth that actually sounds pretty good considering that these are in-ear headphones.


I’m not a big fan of the lack of quality control with the Mee Audio Pinnacle P2. But, it does have a nice, thick bass and detailed highs. The sound overall isn’t bad and for just $99.95, it might be the perfect earphones for those that want a big sound without spending too much money.


Mee Audio Pinnacle P2 at Audio 46

Mee Audio Pinnacle P2 earphones 4

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