MEelectronics X7 Sport-Fi Bluetooth Headphones

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MEelectronics X7 Sport-Fi Bluetooth Headphones

Please consider JBL Reflect Contour 2 as a replacement for this product. Chat now if you need support.

While I’m generally not a fan of Bluetooth headphones, the good people over at MEelectronics are doing one hell of a job and making me reconsider the technology.  If you’ve always been enticed by the potential ease of wireless, but discouraged by the price, the MEelectronic X7 Sport-Fi headphones may offer that perfect balance between quality and price.

MEelectronic X7 Headphones:  Beating Beats for Bluetooth Sport

Let’s get down to it, folks:  these headphones are the Beats-killer, designed to not just compete with Apple’s latest acquisition, but to wake people up to what Beats headphones really are – basic tech at inflated prices.

How do I know this?  The X7 is the same headphone as the in-ear Bluetooth model from Beats, at less than half the price with a much, much more durable design.

These headphones offer a multifunction remote and a modicum of base, as well as a surprising even if bright sound.  The cons to this system are MEelectronics unusual pairing protocol, and the fact that they aren’t brand name, but who really cares, right?


The only downside I encountered while testing these headphones is the notorious MEelectronics way of pairing Bluetooth, which absolutely sucks for all of five minutes, until you get the hang of it.  For your reading pleasure, here’s how it works:

1.)  You have to PRESS and HOLD the Play/Pause/Power button.  The center button on the multifunction remote.  KEEP HOLDING IT.

2.)  If you just PRESS and HOLD the button, you will hear “Power on.” But if you hold it longer, you will here “Power on.” followed by “Pairing…”

3.)  Why it is possible to turn on a pair of Bluetooth headphones without automatic pairing, so that they enter a sort of false, ever-dead state is freaking beyond me.

Bass is good, mids are okay, and the highs are there, too.  Sound quality is a little bright, but not too distorted.  None of which I can say about Beats.

Construction on the MEelectronics X7 is another high point.  Built for durability, I would really feel okay putting these headphones through the ringer.  The cord is a little stiff, and maybe a little stiff, but I may also have a big head, so judge for yourself.

Final thoughts:  would I recommend these headphones?  Yes yes yes. 

If you’re in the market for Bluetooth sport headphones, do yourself a kindness and avoid the horrible sound and unjustified price of Beats.  Instead, get the MEelectronics X7.  It sounds better and costs much, much less.  Seriously, what’s not to love?

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