October Headphone Review Contest Winner

by: Audio 46
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October Headphone Review Contest Winner

October Headphone Review Contest Winner

Audio46 would like to thank all of the contestants who participated in our latest contest.

We are pleased to announce the winner of our Headphone Review Contest is…

Mohammed H.

Mohammed, a 16 year old student from Minnesota, is not a stranger to hard work. While maintaining his good grades, he has also managed to hold down a job to contribute to his family income.

His favorite musician is Logic, and like our last contest winner, he cant get The Chainsmokers “Closer” out of his head. When Mohammed is not in school or work, he likes to listen to rock and rap on his ATH-M40x and eat Oreos. Now he will be able to switch between his analytic ATH-M40x, and his brand new ATH-M50x which boost base.


Read Mohammed’s Review of ATH-M40x Here


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