Outdoor Tech Orcas Review

by: Russell Huq
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Outdoor Tech Orcas Review

The Orcas could easily be dismissed based on the looks alone.  At first glance, it’s obvious the design will leave a bit of plastic jutting out of your ears.  But the sound begs us to reconsider, and after a simple listening session, we’re more than impressed with the performance.  Is it too bulky?  Or is the bulk-to-sound ratio almost perfect?

Outdoor Tech Orcas Review

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The Orcas aren’t a small creature.  They’re a lanyard-style bluetooth earphone with a cinch in the back, and some thick earpieces to boot.  But they also pack a whopping 6 hours of battery life, and they come with foam eartips.  When you pair these things together, you come off with a tighter, more isolating fit than other models in the price bracket – and that sound seems to go on forever thanks to that battery life.

The earpieces are predominantly plastic, and the lanyard is made from a thick, durable-feeling rubbery material.  They are waterproof and sweatproof, and there is an optional accessory included in the box – the Orca Fin – that attaches to the earpiece and gently fits the contours of your ear for a more secure fit.

Even without using the fins, the Orcas fit perfectly.

There’s also a wealth of foam tips inside the box, and once you fit a pair to the earphones, you’ll be pretty close to audio heaven.

Because for a pair of in-ear bluetooth earphones, the Orcas are refreshingly clear and articulate – definitely missing that canned sound I’ve come to associate with just about any wireless in-ear at this price point.  Normally, to get this kind of sound, I’d have have to pay an extra $50 for a Klipsch model…and that one wouldn’t even be waterproof.

These earphones sound great for rock and hip hop, but I also loved them for some acoustic and classical work.  Details don’t get lost in the ‘phones, and there’s just a little bit of bass in there – enough to keep things fun without giving me a headache or making me grind my teeth.

Pairing is easy, too.

So, is there a catch?  The earphones do stick out just a bit from my ears.  Not as much as I expected, and it’s not terribly noticeable.  Even if it were, though, we would still recommend these headphones for the sound and battery life.

Basically, if you’re looking for a great pair of wireless in-ear headphones, and your budget can extend to the $100 neighborhood, snatch this baby up.  If you’re looking for performance at a cheaper price point, this may still be a strong contender, but there are cheaper (though not better) earphones out there.

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