Outdoor Tech Tuis Review

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Outdoor Tech Tuis Review

My first run-in with the Outdoor Tech Tuis occurred when a smoking hot rep visited our Manhattan Showroom sporting a pair in red.  From across the shop, time seemed to stop.  The air disappeared from my lungs and my knees grew week.  Could it be love at first sight?  I could tell by her look, there was something magical – ethereal, even – about this headphone.  Well, extended listening sessions have only proven my initial feelings correct – this is one badass headphone.

Getting my hands on a Bluetooth headphone is a lot like receiving a check for a million dollars in the mail:  I know there’s a catch somewhere.  Usually, the sound is crap.  Or it’s built like a house of cards.  Sometimes the pairing mode is downright infuriating.  Or it costs an arm and a leg.

But surprisingly, the biggest catch to the Tuis might be slightly less bass than what it’s competition is offering.  And I do mean slightly less.

First off, the build quality is surprisingly solid for such a lightweight, plastic headphone.  It doesn’t feel anywhere as cheap as other models, and the controls are incredibly intuitive.  Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to get it up and running:

Step 1:  unbox

Step 2: charge for 3 hours with supplied micro usb cable

Step 3: press and hold multifunction button

Step 4: connect device to headphones

Step 5:  ???

Step 6:  PROFIT

The pads are made of a pleather-like material that sits right on the ear and offers a pleasant level of isolation without being too uncomfortable.  There is an included audio cable for those who find themselves in dire need of music but suffer from a depleted battery.  And speaking of battery, this beast offers 15 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge.

When it comes to sound, the general reaction I see in people amounts to disbelief.  Can a wireless headphone for $130 sound this good?  Apparently, with Outdoor Tech, it can.  The sound is relatively even, with maybe just a twinge of bass.  Nothing overpowering by any means, but just enough to lend some oomph to your jams.

Is there any reason not to buy the Tuis?  Well, if you’re an audiophile, there may be other models out there that would suit you better (read:  bragging rights on forums).  If you’re looking for Bluetooth, though, there’s little reason not to snatch this headphone up; it sounds better and cost less than any of its competitors – at least up to the $200 price point.


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