RHA TrueConnect Earphones Review

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RHA TrueConnect Earphones Review

I love the idea of true wireless earphones. But in reality, I’ve found very few that sound great or work reliably. That being said, RHA has rarely disappointed me, and I’ve been waiting for these buds with bated breath. Will we once again be blown away by RHA’s performance? Or will the TrueConnect let us down like the rest of the true wireless earphones we’ve tested in this price range? Let’s find out in this RHA TrueConnect Earphones Review.

IN the BOX

RHA TrueConnect Earphones Review


No complaints here. The TrueConnect fits like a glove. Secure and comfortable, I had no concerns about them falling out. Those who have issues with the AirPod design will find these babies to be a much better alternative. And unusual ear canals need not worry. RHA has included a freqload of silicone and comply tips to get your fit right. Sound isolation is decent too.

RHA TrueConnect Earphones Review


RHA doesn’t screw around. Their products are solid. So, I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that the TrueConnect had no pairing issues, dropped signals or faulty functions. It was simple to connect and consistent in its performance. And RHA is obviously confident in the longevity of these things, as they offer a 3 year warranty.

RHA employs Bluetooth 5, which is a significant upgrade from Bluetooth 4 in terms of clarity.

The True Connect is also IPX5 water resistant. So, heavy sweaters will find these buds ideal for running.

Battery life is 20 hours in total. But you can only use them for 5 hours at a time in between charges. This is standard for a true wireless earphone. For those who are new to true wireless, the carrying case acts as a charger and holds a total of 5 charges before it needs to be juiced up again. A great thing about this design is that RHA has used USB-C as it’s charging connection, which is more durable than the ol’ micro-USB input.

RHA TrueConnect Earphones Review

I used these buds to call my mother, and her nagging came out crystal clear. I guess the stems on the end of these things really make a difference. Thanks, Apple.

What I particularly like about the TrueConnect design is that RHA has avoided the whole touchpad thing. Unlike the overly sensitive touch design of other true wireless buds, these earpieces actually have buttons. This avoids any unintended activation of functions when adjusting the earpieces. RHA employs both, the left and right earphones to control the functions. Play and pause can be controlled on both sides, which is useful. But volume is controlled with a couple of taps on the right earphone, and you can skip tracks using the left earphone. Calls can also be made from your buds by pressing the button on either side for a couple of seconds. Easy shmeasy.


Overall Impressions: In short, wow. RHA + Bluetooth 5 = the best true wireless sound we’ve heard for under 200 bucks.


In true RHA fashion, the TrueConnect delivers big and forward-leaning lows with serious punch. If you’re a fan of pop and hip-hop, you won’t find a better pair of true wireless for the price. But those of you who are scared of bass-heavy earphones, stay calm. Although these buds deliver a rich low-end, they avoid overpowering the higher frequencies. There’s no cloudiness here, folks.


Full-bodied and scrumptious. RHA presents a very present and even midrange with tons of meat on the bone. Rock songs sound super rich and expansive with tons of oomph. And there’s no upper midrange harshness to speak of. But what about clarity? Listening to Bob Dylan’s Hurricane, the acoustic guitar comes out nice and clear. Even when the guitar strums hit the lower frequencies, the TrueConnect offers great separation and detail. And listening to cellos, you get a really smooth profile while maintaining a nice amount of detail. So, these buds work well for classical music as well.


Again, smooth and silky. Violin notes transition with a pleasing fluidity, while still retaining a nice amount of detail. And listening to Miles Davis’ trumpet at the highest registers was bearable on the ears. It’s an easy listening experience with no compromise on clarity.


The TrueConnect doesn’t deliver a huge soundstage. But you can’t expect too much with a wireless in-ear headphone. Still, these buds do convey height, even if there’s little depth to speak of.


The TrueConnect is truly impressive. In terms of sound, reliability and build, RHA has hit it out of the ballpark and maybe to the moon. We could say it's one of the best true wireless earbuds. This one’s a no brainer.

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