Sennheiser HD 2.3 – The Compact Headphone With A Big Sound

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Sennheiser HD 2.3 – The Compact Headphone With A Big Sound

Sennheiser has really raised the stakes in the headphone market this year with the continuation of their headphones but the one that has truly stuck out was unexpected.

The Sennheiser HD 2.3 is a small and unsuspecting headphone that packs a decent amount of sound in a small and stylish package. Many people want the quality of an over-ear headphone without the big headphone look that you get with most great sounding headphones. The Sennheiser HD 2.3 is the best of both worlds.

It features a sleek, modern on-ear design with a slim headband and the sound of the HD 2.3 is quite incredible. Listen to your favorite music without compromising clarity. The Sennheiser HD 2.3 is built to push the envelope of sound with crisp highs and ample amounts of bass. The low-profile, minimalist design is perfect for the self conscious audiophile looking for the perfect headphone for everyday use. The detachable 3.5mm cable locks into the headphone securely and has a standard 3-button control and mic for making calls, controlling volume, starting and stopping tracks and more. The collapsible design and storage pouch makes it easy to take it anywhere.

Sennheiser HD 2.3 features a collapsible design for portability

The HD 2.3 comes in black with anthracite highlights or white with rose gold accents and features a removable cable with controls for any model smartphone. This lightweight and comfortable headphone from Sennheiser retails for only $89.95. You can order a pair today from the Audio46 Store.

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