Sennheiser Urbanite Review & Overview

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Sennheiser Urbanite Review & Overview

The Sennheiser Urbanite is Sennheiser’s newest creation just announced today at IFA in Germany, and and a headphone we are really excited about. The Sennhiser Urbanite is second in what seems to be a new series of lifestyle headphones from industry favorite Sennheiser.

Design/Build Quality

Built from high quality materials the Sennheiser Urbanite features an on-ear design with velour earpads. The earcups are adjusted in a similar way the Momentum series do, where the cans slide up and down a piece of steel, as opposed to extending the headband. The headband has soft touch plastic for padding and a denim-like fabric on the top. It’s a very durable headband that can withstand a lot of abuse, much like V-moda and Sol Republic headphones. Unlike the Momentum series, the Urbanite features a folding mechanism to make the headphone more compact.

Comfort/Noise Isolation

Because the Urbanite is an on-ear headphone, the sound isolation is just about average, however the Urbanite XL offers GREAT Noise Isolation . On-ear headphones are generally hard to make comfortable but thanks to the velour earpads and the moderate clamping force, the Urbanite is one of the most comfortable on-ear headphones.


The Sennheiser Urbanite comes with minimal accessories out of the box. It comes with a single, flat cable that has a IOS remote and a proprietary 3.5mm locking connector. It also comes with a soft carrying bag which depending on your opinion actually lends to its portability.


The sound of a the Urbanite is a very bassy and warm signature. So while it closely resembles the Momentum on-ear in terms of design, it’s closer to the Momentum over-ear in terms of sound signature, as it’s a very relaxed and warm sound, while still retaining a good amount of bass to keep the sound exciting.


The Momentum was a great take at a “lifestyle” headphone. If you’re looking for something that’s portable, fashionable and reasonably priced then the Sennheiser Urbanite would be a great choice!

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