SOL REPUBLIC and MOTOROLA Join Forces & SOL Introduces The DECK!

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SOL REPUBLIC and MOTOROLA Join Forces & SOL Introduces The DECK!

SOL REPUBLIC and MOTOROLA join forces to create unique products for music fans everywhere

Linked by a passion for sound, style and technology, SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola, a Google Company, today announce a strategic partnership to redefine the music experience. SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola will roll out a new collaboration of audio products to change the way music fans experience and share music through customization, innovation and cutting-edge technology.

As part of the Moto X smartphone launch, SOL REPUBLIC will release a series of in-ear and on-ear headphones in unique colors with a single-button remote and microphone. Now, consumers can buy SOL REPUBLIC Jax in-ear headphones or Tracks on-ear headphones that compliment their Moto X phones, giving consumers more choices that reflect their personal expression.

Introducing DECK wireless speaker
Collaborating on their first product, SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola are launching DECK, a portable wireless speaker. Designed and engineered from the ground up, DECK is the first wireless speaker to market that features 360° Full Sound, 300-Foot Wireless Range and Heist Mode™ allowing up to five people to instantly pair and take turns controlling the music. Music was meant to be shared and DECK is the first mobile speaker that enhances the shared music experience for everyone.

DECK features:

  • The power of 360-degree Full Sound, DECK ensures music sounds loud and pure no matter where you are in the room
  • The first wireless speaker with Heist Mode, allowing up to five people to simultaneously pair to the device and control the music
  • Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC) allows for seamless pairing or super-easy “Tap and Play”
  • R2 Sound Engines combined with a bass port, high-watt amplifier, and huge lithium ion battery for power offer bigger sound than you would expect from a pocket-sized speaker
  • Outdoor Mode with the press of a button for a boost in sound that travels further when you want to listen to music outside
  • You can actually walk away from the DECK and keep your device in hand withSuper Power Wireless range, offering up to 300 feet of Bluetooth range
  • Stereo in and out ports you can connect DECK to your home or car audio system and use Heist Mode through the amplified systems in your house or car
  • Daisy-chain multiple DECKS together to create an unrivaled wall of sound
  • Use DECK as a crystal-clear speakerphone so you’ll never miss a call

MSRP: $199.99
Colors: DECK is available in multiple finishes including Gunmetal, Lemon Lime, Electro Blue HD and Vivid Red.

Coming Soon to Orb Headphones!

Lets see how it stacks up to the competition!

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