SOL REPUBLIC announces Master Tracks XC, Studio Tuned by Calvin Harris

by: Audio46 Headphones
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SOL REPUBLIC announces its first professional-caliber headphone
With sound that’s acoustically accurate for music artists to use in the studio, and style, lightweight design, and durability for use everywhere else, Master Tracks XC over-ear headphones deliver professional-grade sound with modern headphone design. Tapping into sonic perfection of multi-platinum producer, recording engineer, singer, songwriter and collaborator Calvin Harris, SOL REPUBLIC presents the pinnacle headphone for both music creators and music lovers. 

Master Tracks XC produce an extremely dynamic, sonically accurate and shockingly powerful sound signature with incredible vocal presence that retains critical details in the high, mid and low ranges. It offers an unprecedented combination of audiophile acoustics, high-end, club-level dynamic power, and rich, sophisticated styling in a headphone.

SOL REPUBLIC engineered a new Sound Engine ™ design for these Master Tracks that delivers both the transparency and acoustic accuracy that music creators require as well as the dynamic music punch and emotion music listeners love. The result is the new XC Sound Engine that has the full range of music, which reproduces super-deep, low-end bass as well as the extended high frequencies. Beyond bass, perhaps the most impressive feature is the XC’s mid range. Mid range is a critical part of the music experience and sounds amazing when done well. Master Tracks XC’s Sound Engine delivers an unbelievable strong and accurate mid range, without the distortion and resonances that muddy up the sound. It delivers a level of music realism that music producers will appreciate and music lovers have probably never heard before in a headphone.

 Master Tracks XC features:

FlexTech™ SoundTrack headband on Master Tracks XC headphones can be tossed, twisted, bent without breakage and is backed by a 1,000 day no-breakage guarantee

  • Compatible with other SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Sound Track headbands, cables and Sound Engines enabling you to create a completely unique look anytime
  • A six-foot rugged cable, with a five-inch coil and quarter-inch adapter. Ideal for professional use, the quarter-inch adapter can be secured on a metal arm, so it’s never lost when you go from the studio equipment to your phone
  • MFi cable has three-button mic and music control to complement any accessory device
  • LEFT and RIGHT jacks, glow in the dark so that they are easy to read in low-light studio environment
  • Available in ‘singularity red’ satin finish and micro suede head pad with studio upholstery-inspired accent stitching
  • A lightweight construction and super-soft ear cushions with perfect tension, Master Tracks XC’s can be worn comfortably for hours on end


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