SOL Republic Deck Review from ESNYC aka EPICSKATENYC!

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SOL Republic Deck Review from ESNYC aka EPICSKATENYC!

With the Launch of their first headphone back in 2011 It’s no shock that Sol Republic’s first ever Bluetooth Speaker would take us by surprise.  Their new toy is called Deck and this speaker comes standard with today’s modern features plus some thanks to co-creators, Motorola.

From the start, the SOL Republic Deck has been decked out with an impressionable look that distinguishes it from others and competes with styles like from Beats Pill. At first glace, Deck has a mean look with it’s pixilated grill and “SOL” written on top. However power the unit on and its logo burns bright with powered LED’s reminding you who it’s made from

At about the size of a Sony PSP, Deck can be picked up for $199 in it’s yellow debut color or Cosmo Blue, Vivid Red, and Black, which for the sake of it’s awesomeness we shall call Stealthy black or Smooth Criminal Black, You decide

Anyway shifting over to that Tech mentioned before, Deck has it all.

Track controls, volume controls, access to your smart device’s voice command; all fun but nothing we haven’t seen before.

Here’s a list of the new stuff YOU NEED TO KNOW about Deck:

1)  1) 3X Extended Bluetooth range than the AVG Bluetooth speaker

2)  2) 360 degrees flow of sound due to directional speakers and laid flat designed.

3)   3) Deck can be used as a Bluetooth HUB. Using the Line out, you can plug Deck into other systems and make them Bluetooth


Personally Number 3 is our favorite but when you’re not pushing the audio out to your other systems Deck itself gives an amazing performance.

The bass is fantastic bass considering its slim size and Deck suffers from ZERO distortion. Although the Mids where present, more emphasis would have been preferred to give a more richer feel for the music. Non-the-less the Highs on the unit are crystal sharp and execute fine detail in any vocalist voice.

A nice added feature was Out Door Mode where Deck’s Bass is dropped and Highs are raised. This significantly performed better outside as the mode suggests

Fortunately we found only a few problems with Deck but Take a look if you think it’s that serious

1)   1) Its included case is a great bonus to item however in some settings, it can affect audio quality.

2)   2) The start up time is roughly around 5 seconds (when automatically paired)


At the end we Find Deck a fantastic speaker that brings all the right features all wrapped in one. There was not one time that we didn’t feel like we were the center of attention with its attractive look and lights. Thankfully however, it’s performance was just as great as it’s look leaving us feel like winners.


Grab Yours HERE

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