SOL Republic Tracks Air Review

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SOL Republic Tracks Air Review

Today we take a look at the SOL Republic Tracks Air Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. The SOL Republic Tracks Air are a new wireless headphone with an incredibly long battery life (15 hours) AND a range of nearly 5 times that of the average headphone.

Not only do the SOL Republic Tracks Air preform just as well as the wired versions of the Tracks headphones from SOL Republic, but they sound even better then some of the early versions such as the Tracks V8 and V10.

For me the defining factor in a wireless headphone is whether I can tell that it is wireless just by listening. Degradation of audio quality is a serious issue and can definitely be felt more significantly in RF transmitter type headphones. In the case of the SOL Republic Tracks Air, they sounded like a wired equivalent until I got about 30 feet away…which in terms of Bluetooth is pretty darn good. For the amount the promos on this headphone hype up its range, I have to say I was expecting more, but then again…why would you be 30 ft away from your phone/ device. At least around here NYC by the time you got back to the thing, it may not be there anymore!

Watch the SOL Republic Tracks Air Review video for more details on this awesome headphone! And if you love them as much as we did, grab your pair here:

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