Sony MDR-V55 DJ on The Go Headphones Review

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Sony MDR-V55 DJ on The Go Headphones Review

Sony MDRV55 White Extra Bass & DJ Headphones MDR-V55 MDRV55W Take beats from your decks to the streets Fold-able headphones with 40mm driver unit, neodymium magnet and 1.2m cord Take them anywhere with a foldable design Crisp, dynamic sound thanks to a neodymium driver Minimum background noise with closed headphones Features Look good while you DJ – These sleek, curved headphones will add style to your DJ set and are available in four choices of colour Easy to carry and store – A foldable design makes for easy storage, simply fold and store them in your bag when you’re not listening to music Don’t miss a beat – The reversible earcup and the single-sided 1.2m cord make it easy for one-ear DJ listening Give your beats full attention – Focus on fine-tuning and mixing thanks to noise isolating closed earphones Turn up the bass, experience the treble – Experience rich bass thanks to a 40mm neodymium driver and a frequency range of up to 25,000Hz for powerful treble Hear every detail – Listen to club tracks with high power input of up to 1,000mW and sensitive 105db/mW, for precise sound no matter what the volume Comfortable listening – Whether you’re at the decks or on the go, a wide moulded headband and cushioned earcups give the comfort you need.

The Sony MDR-V55 headphones actually feature a pretty amazing low end. Certainly comparable to beats by dre at a fraction of the price. Upon first listening to these headphones I noticed that they were a bit more snug then the V6 or other Sony headphones I have tried, but over time I got used to the fit. When it comes to DJ headphones often brands get it all wrong. They think that the more bass, the better. Well as we all know that’s not really the case. You need a low end that is rich, not just “there”. Its not the SAT’s you don’t get credit just for showing up! With Beats by Dre, the low end is SUPER powerful, but with that comes a bit of mud, and a sort of “slow” bass response. The Sony MDR-V55 on the other hand deliver a punchy, and tight bass. This is what gives them their bright, and crisp sound. One of the other great things about the EQ on these headphones is that the bass doesn’t leak into the mids at all, so everything is where it should be within the EQ spectrum.

As for the functionality of these headphones, they do fold and feature the new style of flat, tangle-free cable. However many people are saying they wish these headphones had a in-line control feature. Personally, I think in-line controls are over rated and not really needed for professional headphones. While these headphones walk the line between consumer and pro, I still think they are fine without. Here is the best part… they are only $69.99 now from Orb Headphones. Elsewhere they go for as much as $99 and well worth it too!

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