Sony MDR-V6 Closed Back Stereo Studio Headphones Review from Booredatwork

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Sony MDR-V6 Closed Back Stereo Studio Headphones Review from Booredatwork

The Sony MDR-V6 are closed back Stereo Studio Headphones from Sony.These all black headphones with red outline on the earcup have a very minimalist studio look. Nothing too flashy here, in terms of design and look. But what you get are extra comfortable headphones that are studio monitors with a very comfortable over-the-ear feel. The MDR-V6 are Studio Monitor headphones and they give you very balanced sound. Great for up starter DJs and sound mixers. What I really liked from these headphones is that you can hear each instrument with precision. Great on acoustics. I really like these headphones especially for the price at $67.99, you can’t go wrong. You can pick up a pair HERE

  • Circumaural, closed back studio headphones with reversible earcups for single-sided monitoring
  • Small, powerful Neodymium magnet and copper-clad aluminum voice coil for accurate, unusually extended 5 Hz – 30 kHz frequency reproduction, minimal weight
  • Large 40mm aura-nomic designed drivers positioned in earcup for optimal and most natural playback listening
  • Oxygen-free connecting cable for low-distortion, maximized signal conductivity
  • Flexible coiled cable with 10′ extension
  • High 1 Watt power handling capacity for louder, distortion-free monitoring levels
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