Final Audio B2 Review

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Final Audio B2 Review

I love Final Audio, I’m not gonna lie. The E-Series has been near and dear to my heart for quite a while now, and I’d go as far as to say that the E3000 is in a league of its own when it comes to straight-up value. Now I’ve got the brand new B-series in front of me and I’m giddy. The single balanced armature driver in-ear is a bold move in today’s market, and so I was most interested in trying out the B2

Spending Time with the Final Audio B2


Before getting my hands on them, I was afraid they’d be fashion-over-function with their jagged geometric appearance. I’m happy to report that this is not the case. The B2 is easy to get situated, and sits comfortably in my ear with its Final Audio E-Series nylon tips. No complaints here. I think this universal model is going to work perfectly for most people.

The Sound of the Final Audio B2


The upper frequency content of the B2 is great. There’s crazy detail up here. Final seemed to want to showcase the power that a balanced armature driver has in terms of high frequency performance. The highs with the greatest emphasis are the more tonal frequencies in the lower range where they meet the upper-mids. Distorted guitar and higher-range vocals are right at home with their fast, crisp delivery.


The mids catch the spotlight of the B2. The upper mids are boasted, sitting far enough to give the B2 a forward sound that I find pretty refreshing. Lower mids are very detailed and give the B2 a richness that I didn’t see coming. Tracks with piano sound outstanding. The dynamics here are impressive.


I have no idea how they did it, but the Final Audio B2 has extension that shouldn’t be possible for a single balanced armature driver. The lows are not over-emphasized, but they are far from absent. I can hear down to the upper sub bass with them. The bandwidth with the most attention is the more musical, bass-guitar region. Despite them not being bass-heavy, the B2 has a pleasing fullness.


The B2 is a single driver. A single balanced armature driver. Somehow I’m blown away by this soundstage. How Final Audio engineered this, I haven’t the slightest clue. There is a ton of space in this fancy little IEM. It isn’t a necessarily airy atmosphere, however. The stage is loud, proud, and excited. 
Their signature is that of being at a live performance. It’s a stage that sounds like a stage. Lately, most in-ears that I’ve tried have pulled easier punches building their psychoacoustic environments with a wide sub and atmospheric highs. This sound is always fun, but does come across as sort of abstract. The B2’s soundstage sounds like a nice, large, realistic space.

Final Thoughts

I love the Final Audio B2. I’ve never heard anything like it. Maybe I’m just surprised about being surprised, but they just might be my new favorite IEM in their price range. They’ve got a great stage and an uncommonly powerful presence in the mid-region. As forward as they are, they don’t lose a realistic balance or come across as fatiguing. Final Audio has once again delivered something portable, affordable and incredible.

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  • How do these sound to the Heaven V or if you haven’t heard them, to the Heaven IV or any in the Heaven series? How do they compare to the Final E5000?

    alan j lott

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