Ten Best Summer Headphones

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Ten Best Summer Headphones

Summer is here and the heat is up.  People are sweating and traveling aplenty, but mostly just sweating.  So if you’re hot and bothered by a pair of bulky headphones, consider these ten best summer headphones (all under $100) for a cool, seasonal replacement.

Audio46 Picks:  Ten Best Summer Headphones

1.)  Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Headphones 

For $99, the Momentum In-Ear headphones are the priciest you’ll find on our ten best summer headphones list, but they sound amazing.  With a frequency range not unlike a mid-level studio monitoring headphone, these babies will give you amazing sound quality with just a tiny bit of bass.  A low nominal impedance makes them ideal for portable use.  Comfortable to wear and fairly durable, these headphones will fit users from all walks of life.  While they will handle sweat with ease, avoid taking them to the beach (where excess moisture and sand could inhibit the remote and in-line mic).  Bonus:  they come in iPhone and Android Flavor.


2.)  MEElectronics X7 Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Less expensive than Beats and better-sounding and more durable than Jaybirds, the X7 is a sport headphone that holds up against excessive sweat and movement, remaining intact and in your ear wherever you go.  Sound quality is great, for the $79 price tag, with a decent amount a bass for a multitude of activities, including that trip to the seashore.


3.)  Audio Techinca ATH-CKM500iS In-Ear Headphones

With a middle-of-the-road frequency range and bass a-plenty, these headphones are durable, inexpensive ($59), and as portable as any other in-ear headphone.  All of this is complimented by a low impedance that gives you enough bass without too much bass.  And how could we mention this headphone without a nod to Audio Technica’s reputation for quality, as well as their outstanding worldwide warranties.


4.)  Beyerdynamic DTX 350p On-Ear Headphones

You might be surprised why we would slap a pair of on-ear headphones on this list, but the DTX 350p more than earns a spot here.  Coupling some excellent (if a little bass-heavy) audio quality and superb design, these bad boys are perfect headphones to throw in your bag for a quick daytrip or the entire holiday.  A low price of $69 belies the comfortable ear pads and a folding headband, making these a no-brainer.


5.)  Sennheiser CX686G or CX686i In-Ear Headphone

Arguably THE workout/beach headphone (unless you want to swim with your headphones), the CX686s are a tried-and-true Sennheiser design for those who want great sound under just about any conditions.  Delivering an even-keeled sound that Sennheiser is famous for, they provide a smidgen of bass and are both water-proof and sweat-proof.  A comfortable rubber hook gently presses against the contours of your ear so you don’t lose them.  And, if they get dirty, you can run them under a faucet without damaging the headphone.  All for $69.  Going to the beach this summer?  Snag these babies before they disappear.  Bonus:  they come in either iPhone or Android configurations.


6.)  MEElectronics Matrix2 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

The only over-ear headphone to make our ten best summer headphones list, the MEElectronics Matrix2 is the ideal companion for any basshead.  Just plunk these cans over your ears, then turn on, tune in, and drop out.  Because sometimes you just need some loud, ballin’ music for summer sojourns.  There is a catch, though:  the quirky pairing method of the Matrix2 might take a few extra minutes to get a grasp on.  However, this wasn’t a deal breaker for us because they’re loud, comfortable, and they fold up and fit inside an included slim, hard-shell case.  And at only $89, what isn’t to love?


7.)  Skunk Juice FG-2 In-Ear Headphones

Skunk Juice FG-2 headphones are a little wacky.  They’re designed around the concept of a headphone that you can expand to two or more pairs via a magnetic connection.  Plug headphones into device.  Split headphones infinitely.  Then play and enjoy.  While we can’t see a large audience in mind for this headphone year-round, the beauty of a headphone built around sharing seemed the perfect addition to our ten best summer headphones list.  Of course, the FG-2s are no slouch when it comes to pure audio quality – only made sweeter by a low price point of $49.  Taking into account the novel design and added benefits, and you can easily see how conducive these would be to a more social summer.


8.)  Koss Porta Pro Classic On-Ear Headphones

A headphone that will need no intro to some die-hard fans, the Porta Pro Classic is a headphone with its own cult following.  Thanks to its lightweight and comfortable on-ear design, as well as the often-lauded audio quality, its a small wonder this headphone has become so popular.  With a sound reminiscent of more simple headphone designs from days of yore (thick early 2000s), but with all the modern fidelity you’ve come to love, these headphones are easy to wear and easy to stow, making them one helluva travel companion.  Plus, only $49 from authorized dealers.


9.)  Audio Technica ATH-ANC23 Noise Canceling In-Ear Headphones

The only noise-cancelling headphone we’ll put on this list, the ANC23 is both noise-canceling and of sufficient quality to receive a recommendation.  For those traveling this summer, you can save a bundle by going with this inexpensive $49 model.  In true Audio Technica fashion, these headphones take down the competition for half the cost.  And they come with an adapter and all the eartips you’ll need.  Plus, a brand-name battery.  Yep, you read that right:  BRAND NAME.  So if you’re satisfying your wanderlust this summer, and jetsetting your way to just about anywhere, keep this contender in mind.


10.)  Panasonic Ergofit Plus In-Ear Headphone

Okay, so this headphone isn’t really the best of anything, save as far as budget-priced headphones go.  With plenty of bass, plenty of tips, and a price below $20, this is the perfect headphone if you’re having fun on the cheap.  The great thing about these headphones is how dang replaceable they are.  Break them, lose them, trade them for drugs, it doesn’t matter because you’d be hard-pressed to find a worse-sounding headphone for the same amount of money.

All in all, this list of the ten best summer headphones is a compilation of some of our favorite headphones here at Audio46.  But it is in no way definitive, so if you’re in the market, and have more questions, you can always give us a call.  Our Headphone Experts, trained in a remote Himalayan monastery since birth, are standing by to take your call.

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