Tinhifi P2 Plus - Review

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Tinhifi P2 Plus - Review

The P2 Plus is Tinhifi's flagship in-ear monitor. Tinhifi has become established among the audio world as a serious player and leader in the slowly growing planar magnetic IEM Market. The P2+ is a special edition IEM that Tinhifi created after listening to feedback on its predecessor, the P2. At $620, these are no small investment. Today I'm going to review the P2 Plus Commemorative Edition.

Tinhifi P2 Plus Planar Magnetic IEMs with cable

What’s in the Box

  • Tinhifi P2+ IEMs

  • Carrying Case

  • Mogami modular cable

  • 3 adaptors (balanced 2.5mm, Single-Ended 3.5mm, balanced 4.4mm)

  • 3 pairs of replaceable metal nozzle filters

  • Cleaning brush

  • Plastic tweezers

  • Foam ear-tips (S/M/L)

  • Silicone ear-tips (S/M/L)

  • 1 Pair of Medium SpinFit CP100 ear-tips

Tinhifi P2 Plus Planar Magnetic IEMs open two-tier box

Look and Feel

The box is well designed and very neatly organized; I felt like I was opening an expensive watch when I opened the P2+. The housing is made from aviation-grade magnesium-aluminum alloys and plated with 18K gold that Tinhifi assures won't oxidize easily. The construction feels very solid and I don't worry about breaking the P2+. While I found them comfortable and light, they do run on the smaller side and I initially had some trouble getting them to feel secure, but that was easily resolved. Thanks to the great customization options tinhifi offers, you shouldn't have a problem wearing the P2+. Overall, this is an incredibly high quality build.


Tinhifi kept the 12mm Planar Magnetic drivers from the P2, but added some notable changes on the Plus. The original P2 was controversial in some aspects of its frequency response, such as its high end. Tinhifi took note of this and retuned the Plus' drivers in order to create a more even and enjoyable frequency response. For an IEM, the Plus has a fairly high impedance and Tinhifi states that you will need an amp to get these to full volume, and something such as a computer headphone port or phone might run a little quiet. I tested this and didn't notice too much of a difference; these will still sound great on your phone.

The Tinhifi P2+ has a frequency response of 7 Hz – 40 kHz and an impedance of 32 Ohms.

Tinhifi P2 Plus Planar Magnetic IEMs No Cable or Ear tips


You aren't going to get a noticeably wide soundstage on the P2+, and that isn't a bad thing at all. Tinhifi went for a more realistic representation of the sound rather than emphasizing the stereo field for effect. While it comes down to personal preference, I really liked the more subdued and subtle soundstage on the P2+. It could still convey wide panning when it needed to, which made the times it was used much more impactful. The dynamics do a great job of smoothly transitioning between ranges for contrast. As far as IEMs go, these have great noise cancellation.


The Lows on the P2+ are tame but appropriately present. The subs have nice rumble and feeling to them when needed, but don't overstate themselves like on some other IEMs. The lows were designed to be more mild and act as support rather than take center stage, and at that they do incredibly well.


To balance out the more mild subs, the low mids have a slight boost in order to still provide punch and audible low end content when needed. This is done very subtly and only serves to give a better balance to the sound. While not purely flat, the P2+ still gives the illusion of flatness, with some slight tweaks to make the listening experience more enjoyable.


While the highs were a point of controversy on the original P2, the highs are where the Plus shines the most. There's so much air and detail in these, and songs that lean heavier on reverb sound amazing. I never heard harshness unless it was intended, and everything had a detailed yet warm sheen to it. Tinhifi really listened when tuning the high end on these.

Tinhifi P2 Plus Planar Magnetic IEMs With Cable but at a cooler angle


The P2+ is one of the more easy listening experiences I've had recently. So many IEMs try to have an aspect that stand out immediately upon listening, but the P2+ trades that for a subtle yet complex sound character that feels incredibly homogeneous and supportive of the whole. If you're looking for a pair of IEMs that can handle any genre of music and any style of recording with equal care, then the Tinhifi P2+ is definitely for you. I really loved listening on these and can't wait to see what Tinhifi does next.



  • Detailed High End

  • Durable build

  • Subtle, warm sound

  • Somewhat small

  • Amp recommended, but not required

You can buy the TinHifi P2 Plus here

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