Top 3 Reasons You Need Work-Out Headphones

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Top 3 Reasons You Need Work-Out Headphones
  1. Safety First: This is no exception. Sometimes people will ask us here at Orb: “what are some good headphones for running that block out lots of sound?”
    The thing is, I always suggest they look for something that does NOT block out too much sound. Especially if you are a cross-country runner, or someone who just jogs around the block. The idea is to get fit! Not hit by a car! This is why Headphones labeled as “Sport” or “Active-Wear” are the only truly safe option as they are specially designed to sound great, while allowing essential surrounding noises to get in. For example, car horns, people yelling “watch out! Giant hole!”, you get the idea. If you are running, or even working out in the gym, its truly best that you can at least hear some  of what may be going on around you, at least the loud and important stuff. The last thing you want is anything labeled “noise canceling”. That’s a recipe for disaster.
  2. Waterproof: Would you dip you headphones in a glass of water? Probably not, but you’d wear them to the gym huh? Big mistake! They are one in the same! Unless you headphones are water resistant or even waterproof, running, playing sports, or any sort of real activity is going to cause even the smallest amounts of sweat to more quickly deteriorate the headphones. All of the headphones we sell that are labeled “sport” are minimum water resistant. Purchasing the right headphones for the right job is essential to their longevity.
  3. Form & Function: Simply put, the best thing for running or sport headphones is headphones designed for exactly that. Earbuds never stay in your ear when your hitting the track, and big heavy over ear headphones are nothing but a hassle. If you want something that will sound great without falling off every 2 steps you need a headphone designed for exactly that.

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