Ultrasone GO Review

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Ultrasone GO Review

Like a nifty half-frame camera or a Mini Cooper, the Ultrasone GO headphones are a pared down version of a larger original.  And while some things have been intentionally left out, a great sound isn’t missing.  With that in mind, are these headphones worth the money?

Ultrasone GO Review

Laying out $150 for headphones can give you countless options among a myriad manufacturers, but if you’re seeking something lightweight and compact, the Ultrasone GO may be a strong contender.

As far as build goes, this headphone is made light and slim, featuring a mostly-plastic construction.  The cups swivel flat and bend upward to sit inside the headband when stored – and the whole shebang fits neatly into an included pleather pouch.  The cable is a nylon-encased 1.12 m (3.77 ft) stalwart, with an inline mic and remote.  According to Ultrasone, the headphone was designed to go with iPods, phones, and other portable players.

It’s about as portable as the Koss Porta-Pro Classic or the Beyerdynamic Custom Street, but maybe a little more stylish in the looks department.  The arms holding the earcups are a silver plastic, and each earcup has a brushed aluminum plate on it with the Ultrasone name and logo.

Comfort is give-and-take; on one hand, you get a nice, slim, comfortable headband, but on the other hand, you get smallish on-ear earcups that hurt big Dumbo ears like mine.  So, even though comfort is passable for a short listening session, I think I would experience some fatigue over time.

When it comes to the sound, this puppy is a different breed, though.  There’s a stronger sense of bass than with the Beyer.  Mids and highs seem on par with the Porta Pro Classic, but that bass can seem to overwhelm the rest of the soundstage at times.

That being said, they have a beautiful sound for electronica and some hip-hop (Black Eyed Peas’ Elephunk is tight on these, y’all).  Even some poppier stuff (Demi Lovato, fml) sounds good.  Though, again, that bass can get pretty intense.

This headphone really shines, though, with mids and highs and some light bass…think some classical music, or even folk and acoustic stuff.  The mid range and the highs can be a little more appreciated, and then that low end sweeps in and takes your breath away.

Final thoughts?

For $150, the Ultrasone GO isn’t exactly a steal.  But stacked up against other ultra-portable on-ear models, it is still a strong performer.  It feels durable and packs well and sounds pretty much how you would expect it to.  Need to master tracks on the go?  Opt for something else.  Looking for that portable headphone to take with you on vacation?  GO for it.

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