Vision Ears VE7 Review

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Vision Ears VE7 Review

Vision Ears has a library containing a large variety of both universal and custom IEMs. These pricey earphones have been used as tools for critical listening, as well as in-ear audiophile enjoyment. Their neutral timbres aim to deliver maximum transparency and tonal accuracy. With their latest release, the VE7, Vision Ears brings a custom and universal model to join this series. With a very specific $1692 price point for its signature universal design, what does this new model bring to the table?

vision ears VE7 accessories

What You Get

The VE7 makes a great first impression with its packaging contents. There’s a large swaft of materials that the earphones come with. You can tell this is a high-end product just from its box. Here contains items that seem a little out of the ordinary for most major IEMs, such as an in-ear cleaner spray to accompany the cleaning tool. You get a quarter-inch jack, but aside from that you don’t receive as many ear tips as I would have liked to see. There are four pairs in a clear plastic bag and that’s it. It may be all you need, but many IEMs have given you a much wider selection. Its most impressive addition is the solid metal carrying case that’s just a stunning accessory to have. 

Vision Ears VE7 IEM

Look and Feel

If you’ve seen what the Vision Ears signature designs look like, then the VE7 will be around what you expect. The same body shape found on the rest of their universal designs is featured here. The earphones have a slightly see-through blue shell, and sports beautiful art for its faceplate. Its cable isn’t as impressive, but it can be easily replaced with any 2-pin connector. Being that this is a similar housing to their previous universal models, I had the same reservations about the fit. Vision ears like to make their moldings very bulgy, and have the ability to stretch out my ear cavity a bit. Sometimes it takes a bit of finding the sweet spot, but if you have smaller ears I’m not sure if the VE7 will be the right level of comfortability. 

Vision Ears VE7 IEM and Cable


You can always expect to find a more advanced system of drivers with each Vision Ears IEM. The VE7 supports a five way system, with 2 bass, 2 low-mids, 1 mid, 1 Heid-mids, and 1 super high driver for seven in total. 


The level of clarity and spaciousness on display here is wonderful. Not only is the sound field wide, but it contains an immediately noticeable amount of depth that keeps the imaging constantly engaging. You get just enough height from the timbre to be enjoyable, and there’s an ample amount of headroom to be found thanks to the VE7’s excellent level of separation. Layers are formed and blossom with great articulation, making sure no detail goes unnoticed. Its stereo imaging wraps around you, showcasing distance and a much more airy sense of positioning. Their imaging is natural, and perfect for tracks combining a ton of elements. Nothing sounds like a grand spectacle, but rather a blissful stage that makes sure it shows off everything it can do without a single micro-detail missed.

Low End

While the low frequencies offer a ton of definition, it’s a much more laid back tone. You can still expect some good impact and texture, but it won't have the same sense of lift that other IEMs might have. This isn’t new territory for Vision Ears, but I will say that the VE7 has a much more noticeable sub-bass presence that at least gives the lows a bit of flavor. It doesn’t get a ton of resonance, but does give the bass some nice groves and crisp vibrations. Don’t expect something outwardly booming, but this bass offers more than it may seem on the surface. 


This is just a fantastic midrange, with a vivid sense of fidelity and resolution. It’s a natural timbre that oozes clarity within each band of frequency. Like the bass, their response isn’t too overt and doesn’t call much attention to itself, but the detail is still full and contains a great expanse of airiness. Vocals are sublime, featuring a crisp tonality and a certain textural richness. This goes for methodical instrumentations as well, with tracks coming into great form across the frequency spectrum. Upper mids are just accentuated enough to bring life to the timbre, showcasing emphasis and clarity.


The treble here is extremely expressive, with a brighter presence and punctual details. There’s some more piercing elements here, which I welcome, but some may find it hard to digest. In my opinion it makes for a sweeter timbre, combining brightness with more colorful textures. High frequency notes and harmonics come off like a sheen of clarity, and make for the most energetic part of the frequency response. I found tracks to be a lot more glistening here, with a much more realized tonality. 


What a great listening experience the VE7 is. Yes that price might be asking for a lot, but audiophiles more than willing to dish out the cash won’t be left disappointed. Although the slight bulge on the housing might still be an issue for me, it’s nothing you can’t get used to over time. Next to the VE8 , the VE7 is one of the best IEM opinions on the market with the pure, neutral sound signature. 

Pros and Cons

 Pros  Cons
  • 1. Beautiful faceplate art
  • 2. Spacious soundstage
  • 3. Lively midrange
  • 4. Colorful highs
  • 1. Price
  • 2. Bulgy shell  

    The Vision Ears VE7 is available here.


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