Audio-Technica - AT-DAC100 Digital-To-Analog Converter (Pre-Order)

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Product Details from the Brand

  • Compatible with a wide variety of high-definition formats
  • Low-distortion DAC with high signal-to-noise ratio
  • Specifically tuned for vacuum tube preamplifiers
  • High-quality power supply
  • Low-distortion filter circuit
  • High-quality audio-grade components
  • WIMA film capacitors
  • Support for USB-C and other digital inputs
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation for greater layout flexibility
  • External AC adapter


The increased popularity of high-resolution digital sound sources has resulted in a growing need for high-quality sound with balanced hi-fi headphones. To meet this need, Audio- Technica is offering the AT-BHA100 balanced headphone amplifier and AT-DAC100 digital-to-analogue converter, ideal for use with hi-fi headphones such as the ATH- ADX5000, the ATH-AW Series, and the ATH-MSR7b. This compact desktop unit is compatible with Direct Stream Digital (DSD) and other high-definition formats to reproduce every detail of the original recording.

Compatible with a wide variety of high-definition formats

Support for 768 kHz, 32-bit (linear PCM) and 22.4 MHz (DSD) audio lets you fully enjoy these high resolution sound sources.

Low-distortion DAC with high signal-to-noise ratio

A two-channel AK4452VN converter from AKM, renowned for high-quality digital-to- analogue converters, offers a high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion.

Specifically tuned for vacuum tube preamplifiers

With conventional DACs, the high-frequency sound negatively affects the vacuum tube, resulting in reduced performance. This DAC, however, is uniquely tuned to suppress high- frequency noise output, allowing for high-quality playback true to high resolution sound sources. This makes the unit particularly ideal for use with the AT-BHA100.

High-quality power supply

The unit features a high-quality power supply manufactured by Analog Devices, Inc. which boasts excellent distortion characteristics. The increased stability of the power supply brings out the inherent high performance of the DAC for accurate reproduction of high-quality sound in a wide range of source formats.

Low-distortion filter circuit

The low-pass filter section of the DAC features the audio-grade LME49860 operational amplifier from Texas Instruments which offers low distortion and superior attack performance resulting in a perfect balance of high resolution and low frequency content. Combining the operational amp with a low distortion, low-noise metal thin-film resistor creates a high-quality filter circuit.

High-quality audio-grade components

Nichicon chemical capacitors Nichicon capacitors contribute to the low-frequency characteristics of the audio, leading to powerful bass.

WIMA film capacitors

The device uses film capacitors from WIMA, a highly regarded name in the industry. These components create smooth, low-distortion sonic characteristics for natural, clear sound.

Support for USB-C and other digital inputs

The two USB inputs (USB-C and USB-B) and two additional digital inputs (optical and coaxial) allow connection to various devices. Enjoy high-quality streaming and playback from various high resolution sound sources.

Horizontal or vertical orientation for greater layout flexibility

The compact design can be placed vertically or horizontally

External AC adapter

The external AC adapter makes it possible to separate the power supply from the main unit, eliminating any potential for power supply noise. The large-capacity power supply unit also ensures stable playback.

The plug of the power cord differs depending on the region or country.

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