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AZLA POM1000 Breathing Earplugs

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Product Details

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↓ Details provided by AZLA

Time to focus on yourself  

Focus on happiness and daily life, creating your own lifestyle with AZLA’s sensational Eartips

  • Superior sound isolation -35db
  • Breathing structure ‘Air-hole’
  • 2 modes that solves inner pressure
  • Light weight 4.9g
  • Reusable & Washable Ear tips
  • 6 various Ear tips
  • Patented Earplugs ‘POM1000’

AZLA has developed a POM1000 earplug that Air-hole technology is applied to compensates for the shortcomings of bruising and circulation blocking which comes when wearing regular earplugs to avoid excessive human burden

Peace of mind

Stomping noise, footsteps, even the daily noise of life. Feel the -35 dB silence instead of being interrupted by various noises

Not only sound insulation, but also health of your ear canals!

If you use ear plugs again to block air circulation inside the ear for a long time due to the increase in the use of earphones, humidity may increase, mold may occur in the product, or problems such as external ear infection may occur.

After a research of a healthy sound insulation method, the POM 1000 provides two premium ear tips made of safe material for the skin in the ear, has a built-in sound absorbing material that absorbs moisture and releases when attaching and detaching the product, and is designed as an air hole structure.

3 layers of humid protection

  • Provides ear tips for safety certified material
  • Moisture absorption, discharge sound-absorbing mateiral built in
  • Interior Air Circulation Airhole Structure Design

Choose the best mode for you


Experience AZLA’s first innovative mechanism!

MODE 1 Closed mode that completely blocks noise: For those who are sensitive to small sounds such as motorcycle riding and reading room

MODE 2 Open mode for air circulation through the air hole:  For those who often feel numbness in their ears, or for those with high humidity in their ears

With 2 premium ear tips.  Comfortable and cleaner!

1. Xelastec

Auto-fitting ear tips that change shape due to body temperature increase adhesion and enhance sound insulation. Feel the soft elasticity and the comfortable fit that fits your ears

TPE material is deformed by body temperature and has high adhesion and excellent sound insulation. It is also highly resilient and reusable

Manufactured using high-quality TPE in a technical partnership with the German Kraiburg Company

2. Max Standard

It is a new technology ear tip product that combines a silicon filter and tapered structure for a comfortable fit with sensitive ‘skin’ in the ear.

Tapered structure, unlike regular ear tips, has the parts that touch the ears with thinner structure, which minimizes irritation and maximizes noise cancelling effects.

AZLA’s amazing technology Breathing Ear Plugs

In order not to miss the sound insulation, which is the main performance of the ear plug as well as the structure for ear health, we made it with attention from design through sound insulation performance TEST to ear tip configuration.

Basic foam tips Silicone earplugs POM1000
Noise Cancellation -15dB -30~35dB MAX-35dB
Managing Ear tips NOT Washable Washable Washable
Compatibility Making pressure inside the ears Low compatibility the ears Various sizes 
Safety Easy to reproduce germs; Material safety not verified Location and Safety not marked maximise the ears; Using sizes maximise the compatibility

Use it conveniently without worrying about loss or damage!

When you don’t use the product, you can easily store it by hanging it around your neck or hook.

#When you’re talking to someone,
#When you take a break,
#When you stop using it for a while.

Can be stored without loss!

Portable metal case

The hanging top design allows you to store and carry products conveniently.

※ Case hanging hook is not included.

Inside the box

  • Portable case 
  • Earplug strap
  • POM1000 (earplug body) + Max Standard M size
  • XELASTEC SS, MS, ML size
  • MAX Standard S, L size
  • Storage pouch

※ MAX Standard M size is installed by default on the earplugs.

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