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AZLA SednaEarfit Crystal Standard Eartips

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Product Details

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Now meet the apex of in-ear listening
The utmost spacious sounding eartips

With Ultra-Pure Liquid Silicone and Crystal Clear Sound

Nozzle adapter included

Ever pulled out your eartips because they hurt?

Pressure caused by stiff and inflexible eartips

The pain builds up the longer you wear them

Danger from defenseless exposure of germs

Looking for a set of comfortable and clean eartips?

Snugs into your ears light and gentle as a feather

Why Crystal?

  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Anti-germ premium materials
  • Designed based on 788 different ear canal models
  • Complete overhaul in sound quality
  • Ultra-tight seal that enhances the sound quality
  • Grips into the ears firm and tight

What makes it so comfortable?

 Ordinary form or silicon eartips Crystal Standard

Often provided with only S/M/L sizes, making it unfavorable finding the right fit for every ear

Materials are vulnerable to contamination and germs

Feels stiff in the ears as they are squeezed in by force

Wide range of size options / Carefully designed form factors based on 788 different ear impressions

German LSR Hypo-allergenic materials that allow a clean and neat usage

Gently snugs into the ears without any pain or discomfort

 Ultimate solution for achieving sound quality and comfort

Why Choose Crystal?

ZERO Pressure Built for comfort

Designed based on 788 different ear impressions and 182,000 aftermarket eartips. Epitome of comfort born through endless research

The umbrella and the core portion are constructed with different solidities that ensures a firm grip while preserving the comfort. Thus, unlike the others, we utilized two moles per each size, resulting 12 molds in total. This allowed us to mark the highest precision in our productions.

  • Light as air
  • Installs like glue
  • Tight and firm
  • Cutting-edge precision

Putting the form factors aside
Even the materials are made for extreme comfort

Top-shelf German LSR materials

Crystal adopts hypo-allergenic materials that allow incomparable smoothness and comfort Along with significant resistance towards allergies or itchiness.

LSR materials used for Crystal are nonhazardous as well as the safest material to make contact.

* LSR(Liquid Silicone Rubber) : Liquid Silicone Rubber is an elastomer, a two-component platinum-cured silicone with high-purity, that includes materialistic properties such as thermo-oxidative resistance, low surface tension, low-temperature flexibility, and fine dielectric properties. The German Premium LSR we have chosen is known for having an exceptionally fast hardening cycle as well as advanced performance characteristics, resulting in high-tech industries making great use of them for manufacturing major tech components.

  • Premium material
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Durable
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Pollution Prevention

Let your sense of music bloom even brighter.

Increasing the value of the device.
It gives you a great sense of immersion.
Research for a comfortable fit.

The ultimate eartip choice for your beloved Devices

Losing your earpieces is no longer a concern.

‘Comfortable yet mighty fixation’

Incredibly secure fit that could handle your intensive workouts and rush movements

  • A fit that is made for you
  • Snugs tight into the ears, resting you assured
  • Immerse yourself into music with stronger noise-cancellation

Feel for yourself

Top-shelf materials combined with innovative designing

Spatial and sparkly clear sound

  • Inner diameter: 3.6mm
  • Outer diameter:
    • SS 10.4mm
    • S 11.2mm
    • MS 11.9mm
    • M 12.6mm
    • ML 13.3mm
    • L 14mm

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