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Beyerdynamic M 90 PRO X True Condenser Microphone For Home, Project, Studio Recording

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Product Details

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M 90 PRO X

True condenser microphone for home, project, studio recording
  • Perfect for recording vocals, speech and instruments
  • Naturally warm sound
  • Extremely low-noise signal
  • Optimum attenuation of popping sounds
  • Shock mount and pop filter included

​​​​​​​M 90 PRO X

Trusted sound in every recording

beyerdynamic’s M 90 PRO X true condenser microphone is a XLR microphone for home, project and studio recording. The microphone is the perfect choice for recording vocals, speech and instruments. In addition to its warm, detailed sound, the M 90 PRO X offers an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio, optimal attenuation of popping sounds and excellent workmanship. It meets the requirements and needs of today’s creators.


Proven natural sound over the course of decades

PRO X microphones apply the same philosophy as all other beyerdynamic microphones: They are synonymous with recording clear, natural sounds that optimally model speech, vocals and instruments. Singers and musicians have given high ratings for this unique, typically beyerdynamic sound for decades.

The microphones never make the attuned proximity effect sound muffled, while the extended upper frequency response records every detail of a voice. Mid-range sounds are reproduced powerfully and trebles and basses sound natural.


Wide range of applications

The all-purpose M 90 PRO X studio true condenser microphone provides supreme sound quality and is ideally suited to recording vocals, speech and instruments. This large-diaphragm microphone with cardioid characteristics features a broad recording source, therefore allowing for movement in front of the microphone. Anybody on the lookout for a clear, full-bodied and particularly rich-in-detail sound should choose this microphone.


Specially developed electronics that dovetail with the capsules have been incorporated into the M 90 PRO X. This guarantees a very low level of inherent noise and a high acoustic pressure ceiling, which ensures zero-distortion transmission. The amplifier circuit has been redeveloped from the ground up. The latest components, like a low-noise operational amplifier and a precision voltage controller, form the foundation for the microphones’ clear, warm sound.

In addition to the included shock mount to give the microphone secure purchase, the capsule is also internally fixed in position to significantly reduce the transmission of mechanical vibration, hand movements or similar. The included pop filter as well as an integrated high-density foam protect the capsule against dust and plosive sounds.


The black, modern and slender design is made in Germany and fits perfectly in a modern creator’s workplace.


Robust design and excellent workmanship

The black, modern and slender design is made in Germany and fits perfectly in a modern creator’s workplace. The high-quality aluminium housing in combination with the robust steel mesh is break-proof and protects the microphone capsule from tumbles or rough handling.


Sustainable microphones

beyerdynamic stands out with its use of premium-quality materials – the ideal foundation for a reliable, functioning microphone that features excellent recording quality. And the company has been doing so for many years: Components like capsules, circuit boards, plugs and casing components can be replaced and repaired if needed.

In addition, we have designed environmentally friendly packaging made entirely of recyclable paper and cardboard.


M 70 PRO X M 90 PRO X
SENSITIVITY Dynamic Microphone: Less sensitive, but also able to handle all kinds of loudness without distortion, which is very helpful for screaming vocals or very close proximity talking. Condenser Microphone: Sensitive, delivers a higher output voltage, therefore it can be used with every mixing desk or audio interface, regardless of preamp quality.
VOCAL AND SPOKEN WORD APPLICATION Pick up what's directly in front of the microphone and suppress pop-noises or environmental noises, which is perfect for podcasting or streaming. Pick up a lot of detail and even very quiet sounds. They are perfect for musical vocal recording or voice-overs.
SOUND Assertive sound, high feedback immunity and insensitivity to impact or handling noise. Filligree and especially at high frequencies finely resolved sound.
PRIMERY USE Streaming, Podcasts Home-Recording, Studio-Recording



  • M 90 PRO X
  • Elastic Mount 3/8" To 5/8" Adapter
  • Pop Filter
  • Bag


  • POLAR PATTERN Cardioid

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