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Beyerdynamic TYGR 300 R Open-Back Gaming Headphones (Open Box)

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Product Details

↓ Details provided by Beyerdynamic

TYGR 300 R

Gaming headphones (open)

  • Circumaural open-back headphones
  • Professional and spatial sound for gaming on PC and console
  • High-wearing comfort
  • Made in Germany

The TYGR 300 R is an open-back headphone with true professional sound reinvented for gaming. High wearing comfort and detailed sound create a unique adventure and brings gaming to another level. Hear sounds that you have never experienced before.


The magnificent soundstage of the TYGR headphones is adapted for accurate and fast in-game sound localization. The open-back design and innovative acoustic-fleece emphasize the spatial sound environment. The result is a perfectly balanced sound for an impressive gaming experience.


Time is limitless when you are in the game. The TYGR headphones combine carefully selected materials, light design and robust build to provide the perfect synergy between comfort and quality.

Even the sound is optimized for an ultimate wearing comfort. The integrated acoustic-fleece prevents fatigue due to sharp heights, since it levels the high frequencies without any loss of detail. Therefore, nothing stands between you and a long gaming session.

Designed to be used for many years, the TYGR 300 R is a solid long-term investment. The materials used are carefully handcrafted by highly skilled experts in Germany. This degree of manual workmanship results in a unique level of quality and ensures that the headphones will fit comfortably for years and years to come.


The TYGR 300 R gaming headphones is also available as TEAM TYGR in combination with the FOX USB microphone. The FOX captures every sound precisely and makes you the perfect shot caller. Platform independent streaming in studio quality takes your gaming experience to a new level.


Does the TYGR 300 R work with PS5/XBOX Series X?
Yes, the TYGR 300 R works with the PS5 and the XBOX Series X. You can use the jack on the controller for this. Keep in mind that the TYGR 300 R is a passive headphone and the maximum volume depends on the performance of the built-in sound card. Therefore, different maximum volumes can occur depending on which platform you play on. With the PS5 controller, it is noticeable that normal jack plugs are slightly looser than usual. This can be observed in a wide variety of products with standard plugs. The result is that the plug can slip out a bit, which can lead to a disconnection of the microphone connection.

How does the TYGR 300 R differ from the DT 880 PRO and DT 990 PRO?
The DT 880 PRO has a very linear frequency response, while the DT 990 PRO has a slightly more accentuated bass and accordingly more present trebles for a pleasant balance. Both are primarily designed for studio applications. The TYGR 300 R focuses on gaming and is based on the frequency response of the DT 990 PRO. A powerful bass and detailed accentuated treble go very well with gaming. However, the sound design of the DT 990 PRO has been further optimized for gaming, sometimes through the use of a special acoustic fleece.

What is the difference between TYGR 300 R and MMX 300?
The MMX 300 and the TYGR 300 R both have a system with 32 ohms impedance. However, the TYGR 300 R has an open design which results in a better three-dimensionality of sound and a higher wearing comfort due to less heat generation. The slightly lower contact pressure also contributes to a more comfortable fit. In terms of material quality, both are on a par. The TYGR 300 R, however, uses a specially developed acoustic fleece, which provides better sound reproduction in the treble compared to the MMX 300. In general, if ambient noise is not a problem and you don't necessarily want a headset, we would recommend TEAM TYGR for optimal sound reproduction and recording.

Why does the TYGR 300 R use an open design?
Due to the open construction the TYGR 300 R offers a fantastic surround sound. In addition, the open design is very comfortable and airy due to the air permeability, even over long periods of time. Since outside noise is virtually unattenuated, you hear your voice clearly and your surroundings clearly. This allows you to talk to your teammates and hear what's going on around you.


  • Tygr 300 R
  • Jack Adapter 6.35mm


  • SOUND COUPLING TO THE EAR Circumaural (around the ear)
  • CABLE & PLUG 1.6 m cable (fixed, straight) with gold plated stereo jack plug (3.5 mm) & 1/4" adapter (6.35 mm)

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