Cayin - N3Pro Portable Balanced Audio Player with Vacuum Tube (+Free Green Case Bundle)

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Product Details from the Brand

PLEASE NOTE: This DAP does NOT offer direct streaming. You stream via Bluetooth from your phone to the N3Pro.

Anticipated but Unpredictable

N3Pro Portable Digital Audio Player
Fully Balanced Dual Timbre

  • Tube/Solid State Timbre
  • Phone Output up to 800mW
  • 4.4mm BAL Phone Out
  • SE/BAL Line Out
  • AK4493EQ x 2
  • 32Bit/384kHz
  • DSD256
  • Duplex Bluetooth up to 96kHz
  • USB Audio (DAC+Transport)
  • Embedded Coaxial
  • Up to 1TB
  • HiByLink Remote
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • ~11 Hrs
  • 115x63.5x18.9(mm)
  • Cayin OS

Major Highlights

Dual Timbre
Solid State Vacuum Tubes

Dual Operation Mode
Triode | Ultra-linear

Fully Balanced Design
Headphone output up to 800mW

Dual DAC
AK4493EQ x 2

Multipurpose Wireless
Bluetooth DAC | HiByLink Remote

Flexible Outputs
Digital x2, Line x2, Phone x2

Choice of Timbre

Single-Ended Phone Output

Solid State

Stella dynamic and separation, recommended for music requires authorities and transparency.

Vacuum Tube

Smooth, liquid and warm, shine on vocal and pop music.

Dual Operation Mode

Triode and Ultra-linear

Change output power and sound signature instantly
Optimize your system for different music presentations

Triode Mode

Sophisticated and elegant, soundstage will tighten up.

Images is focused, mid-range will be more up-front.

For string and vocal-based music, songs that are intimated and refined.

Ultra-linear Mode

Lively, clean and energetic, transient will be enhanced.

Soundstage will open up, better sense of space and dimension

For instrumental, songs that requires punch, dynamics and control

Vintage Military Miniature Tube


A low power consumption, only slightly warm pentode tube can be integrated for Triode or Ultra-linear mode.

It was originally used in military communication applications and installed in high-end condenser microphones because of its "warm classic tube sound”.

Microphonic and Shock Treatment

To minimize vibration of the filament, the tubes are housed in a custom made silicon case which is suspended in a specially crafted slot. By using a flexible PCB we maximized this suspension effect.

After months of trials and many redesigns, you can now walk around or place the player in a backpack while listening with nominal detrimental effects.

Microphonic effect might be audible when jogging, knocking on DAP, holding the DAP and then place it on table or knocking on table when DAP is placed on it.

Dual DAC


Features two AKM AK4493EQ DAC chipsets, natively decodes up to DSD256 and 32 Bit / 384kHz with stellar dynamic range and resolution.

When operating in Mono mode, the DAC will deliver better dynamic range, signal to noise ratio and channel separation.

Fully Balanced Design

Powerful 800mW Headphone output

The DAC outputs the hot and cold signal streams identically except for the polarity. These will go through LPF and a headphone amplifier in parallel.

When L+, L-, R+ and R-are transmitted and processed independently, common-mode noise will be cancelled out and cross-talk will be reduced.

The differential headphone amplifier outputs the difference between the hot and cold signals, and this will increase the output power and channel separation significantly.

Long Playback Duration

Custom Build Lithium battery and a carefully tuned Power Management System

11 hrs playback
3.5mm Phone
Solid State

9 hrs playback
3.5mm Phone
Vacuum Tube

9 hrs playback
4.4mm Phone

Choice of Analog and Digital Interfaces

4.4mm BAL and
3.5mm SE Phone Out
H/M/L 3 Stage Gain Control

3.5mm SE Line Out (Dedicated)
2.0 / 1.5 / 1.0V
selectable output level

Two-ways USB Audio (DAC and Transport)
S/PDIF Out (Embedded)
Highly expandable, able to connect outboard source, DAC or amplifiers

4.4mm BAL Line Out (Shared)
4.0 / 3.0 / 2.0V
selectable output level

Hi-Res Wireless

Duplex Bluetooth v5.0

Pair with Bluetooth headphone or speakers. Enjoy music without being limited by physical connections.

Wireless DAC for Streaming Services

Enjoy your Tidal and Qobuz on Mobile. Playback through N3Pro in UAT, LDAC or AAC.

Audio Circuit Design

Choice of amplifications:
• 4.4mm BAL
• 3.5mm SE (SS)
• 3.5mm SE (Tube)

3.5mm SE Line Out (unamp.)
4.4mm BAL Line Out

Choice of digital interfaces:
• S/PDIF Coaxial
• USB Audio (DAC)
• USB Audio (Transport)

Bluetooth: LDAC (96kHz),
UAT (192kHz), AAC (48kHz)

Browse and Playback your Music Library Remotely

Connect N3Pro to your mobile phone by HiByLink

Adjust Volume | Manage and search music library
Remote Playback controls | Create Playlists from HiByMusic App

WiFi to Enhance Efficiency

Facilitates OTA firmware upgrade. Supports Wireless Music File Transfer.

Expandable Local Storage to Carry Thousands of Albums

One TF card up to 1TB. Playback music from USB OTG Storage directly via the Type-C connector.

Up to 1TB

OTG (Up to 300mA)

Multi-colour Smart Glowing LED

Indicates Sample Rate During Playback

red• Lossy compression
yellow• 44.1kHz/48kHz
green• 88.2kHz/96kHz
blue• 352.8kHz/384kHz/705.6kHz/768kHz
purple• DSD64/DSD128/DSD256/DSD512
white• DSD64/DSD128/DSD256
red• Breathing light when charging

Note: The Smart Glowing LED can be turned off by user.

Custom Developed User Interface

3.2" IPS Touch Screen

480x360 LG Panel, wide viewing angle
High contrast text and image display

Initiative Controls

Knob, buttons, touch screen... Always provide the most effective control at your finger tip.

Practical Accessories

Protective Case
USB-C Cable for Charge and Data Transfer
Emerald Green Leather Case (Bought Separately)

Outstanding Digital Audio Capability

Playback all popular file format, including direct handling SACD-ISO.

Native Decode DSD256
PCM up to 32Bit/384kHz

AIF/AIFF 32Bit/384kHz
WAV 32Bit/384kHz
FLAC 24Bit/192kHz
ALAC 24Bit/192kHz
APE 24Bit/192kHz
WMA 24Bit/96kHz
MP3 16Bit/48kHz
OGG 16Bit/48kHz
AAC 16Bit/48kHz

A Music Companion

You can bring it along wherever you go, slip it into your smallest bag when you want to listen to your favorite songs while hanging out, or immerse into your personal playlist when you want to be an Otaku for a day. It is a compact player that won't get into your way, but offer good music when called for.

Lightweight and Handy

Net Weight at 195g. Ideal size and weight for one-hand operation.

Dimensions: width 63.5 mm, depth 18.9 mm, height 115.2 mm

Product Reviews

Cayin - N3Pro Portable Balanced Audio Player with Vacuum Tube (+Free Green Case Bundle)

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Yong W.
United States
Versatile and interesting

I was mainly looking for a DAP with a dedicated player OS, i.e. non-android. I had DAPs of both Android (iBasso DX220, Fiio M15) and proprietary OS (Sony WalkMan). The N3Pro is simple to use, fast to boot, and supports most audio formats. Since most reviews already discussed its greatness, I'll just list the minor problems I found. First, compressed SACD ISOs are not supported. Because it's not obvious whether an SACD ISO is compressed, I had to copy it into the player and see if it plays. If not, it needed to be converted. Second, the 3.5mm line-out and phone jacks are next to each other. An inexperienced user may plug into the wrong one. I used a rubber plug to cover one that's less used. Third, I did try the tube output to drive a pair of electrostatic headphones with a transformer. The output was very underpowered and I could barely hear anything. Finally, the OS froze the first time I scanned the music.

John M.
United States United States

Very good for the price. I I’ve been a fan of tube amplifiers for many years .

Donald L.
United States United States
Cayin N3Pro

I am very pleased with the overall performance of the Cayin N3Pro, its easy portability, and its excellent sound quality when used with a variety of headphones. A major problem is that its advertised connectivity doesn’t work. When I received my N3Pro, I upgraded the firmware to the most recent available as of mid-April 2021, 2.1. My iPhone is an Xs running IOS 14.4.2. It is advertised that the N3Pro can be connected to and controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth by an iPhone app. I tried diligently to use the app to connect my iPhone to the N3Pro. It simply does not work. It is also advertised that the N3Pro, in DAC mode, will connect to an iPhone via the USB connector on the iPhone camera adapter. I used Apple’s camera adapter that also has a charging port, connecting the charging port to an outboard power supply. A camera adapter without the charging port forces the iPhone to charge the N3Pro, and the current draw is too great for the iPhone. I have been unable to set up a stable connection between with my iPhone and the N3Pro. The N3Pro is the only DAC device I own that cannot be connected quickly and easily to an iPhone via a camera connector. Overall, I give the N3Pro high marks for build quality, sound quality, and overall performance as a stand-alone portable music player. I wish that I could say the same thing about its connectivity to my iPhone. Its utility is held back dramatically by its lack of easy connectivity.

Philippe S.
United States United States
Cayin N3Pro + free case

I've just received and started using my new DAP and have enjoyed my experience so far. The DAP is solidly built, very user friendly and focused, easily loaded my 6,000 songs once I inserted a micro SD card and the sound is fantastic coming through the tubes. I look forward to using it more over the coming weeks and months.

United States United States
So far, so impressive

I was using a Sony WM1A for my DAP and it’s small, has huge battery time and plays hi-def, but I was looking for something with better sound. I wanted to step up to the $1K plus offerings, but I saw this at half the price and went with it because of the novelty of the tubes. I don’t care about anything but sound. I don’t stream. So far, so good. It’s got great sound and has so many variations. Seems like a great bargain. I’d love to her the Astell& Kern or Sony expensive DAPs, but for now, I’m happy with this.


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