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The world's first pure-beryllium driver IEM

Dunu - Luna 

DUNU has partnered with Hangzhou-based industrial designer and long-time audiophile Moses Xu and his team for the LUNA. Xu previously worked with DUNU on the industrial design for the DK-4001. The continued partnership marks renewed focus by DUNU on putting forth a concerted design language for our products.

LUNA is a story within itself, reflecting the spirit of the first moon landing 50 years ago, and elevating the manner in which in-ear monitors are perceived.「玥」the representative Chinese character for the LUNA, signifies a heavenly, pearlescent gift from the gods. And from this luminous, round canvas, Xu worked to elevate every design element for the LUNA, blending them seamlessly with an overarching moon landing theme.

As our flagship product, LUNA was tuned to a reference sound signature --- deep and natural imaging, even and smooth from top to bottom, and maximized for extension at both ends. The result is the most supremely detailed, transparent, sumptuous sounding earpiece ever crafted by DUNU. It is our best representative of beryllium’s full sonic potential, and we are absolutely thrilled to have everyone experience LUNA.

Full-scale production commences in December 2019, and widespread release is anticipated prior to CanJam New York in February 2020.

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