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Earzfit Protective Fit

Enjoy peace and quiet with Protective Fit Earplugs. Our custom medical-grade silicone earplugs provide superior comfort and noise reduction with 3 levels of protection available (10db, 15db, 20db). Block out distractions and unwanted noise while still allowing you to hear and feel the world around you. Get the protection you need without sacrificing style and comfort.

Always by your side

Each pair of protective earplugs come with a detachable nylon connecting cord to stick with you through whatever life throws your way.

Personalize your isolation

Replace the filters of your earplugs based on the scenario you're in — from loud rock concerts to operating heavy machinery. The choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

My eartips don't fit properly, can I get a replacement?
Of course. We want you to be completely satisfied with your order so we will remake your eartips within 30 days of purchasing - no questions asked.

Which is better: a 3D scan or an audiologist ear mold?
Audiologist ear molds are meant to provide a 100% seal while a 3D scan will create an ~80% seal. Both are completely sufficient for custom fit eartips.

Why is the silicone so sticky?
We use an FDA approved bio-grade tacky lacquer to keep the silicone antimicrobial. It also serves as added friction to hold the earplug in place. If this causes you trouble with inserting the earplug, we recommend a dab of mineral oil on the canal tip

Can I replace the isolation filters?
Yes, we made the filters replaceable to allow you to prolong the life of the earplugs and be able to use the same earbud skeletons in different noisy scenarios.

Can I use Protective Fit Earplugs for professional hearing protection?
No, our Protective Fit Earplugs are recreational use only for people seeking out casual protection for everyday personal use


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