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Effect Audio Code 23 In-Ear Headphone Cable

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Product Details

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↓ Details provided by Effect Audio

The Cyber Beast

Discover a new beast from a dystopian future, wreaking havoc with its sheer power and ultramodern technical fluency.

CODE 23 is a representation of our persistence in pushing a single material to its fullest potential. Befitting of our flagship copper cable label, CODE 23 features and combines multiple technologies into a coherent piece of tech - pure copper solid core, a host of 12 different multi-size core bundles, a proprietary blend of multi-size strands, a whopping 16.5 AWG and more. The result is a transformational experience with picturesque vocals that are true-to-life and a sub bass that reaches the deepest of levels.

Hear what our flagship-level copper sounds like and be ready to get transported into an other-worldly cyber realm.


1. Experience Effect Audio’s Flagship Copper.

The CODE series was created with its first product, CODE 51 to explore the extremities of the Silver Material. How much can we get out of the silver material? We went all out with multiple rounds of experimentation and eventually landed on a Tri-Silver design - Palladium-plated Silver, Gold-plated Silver, and Silver/Gold alloy that is perfectly blended to provide for a marvelously detailed and crystal clear performance that passes our mark for a Flagship Silver Cable.

Now, CODE 23 is the Copper equivalent of that.

2. Personal Love Letter to the Hardcore Audiophiles

On the other hand of the spectrum, we want to cater to the diehard copper fans, those who love copper for its warm, lush, and emotive sound. CODE 23 explores that and turns the knob to a 100. 

3. Our First Dual Application Cable

For the first time in our 14 years of cable-making history, we are proud to introduce a cable where “headphone” is released as a standard option. CODE 23 will be suitable for both IEMs and headphones. 

Technical Highlights

4. Probably the Thickest IEM Cable in the World

In the ideation stage for CODE 23, we knew we had to step out of our comfort zone and relook into the exact components that go into our cable’s engineering DNA. Pushing the boundaries of what we thought was previously not possible, we hammered down on one of the most critical factors of an audio cable - American Wire Gauge Size.

The focus this time round is on Sound and we are not afraid to break norms. After several rounds of multi-testing, we have managed to create a first whopping 16.5 AWG Effect Audio cable (10x Thicker than a standard 26AWG cable) that has a remarkably floor-low resistance. 

5. Avant-garde Solid Core Effect Audio Cable

Applying a non-stranded wire structure has always been top of the list for us and now, to finally master and implement it in an impeccable system is a marvelous feat. A solid core cable is a more superior electrical conductor that provides a higher-level and stable electrical characteristics while being vibration and corrosion-resistant. Being the first solid core cable in our history and one with a technical advantage over others, CODE 23 will excite and engage.

6. Optimal 13 Multi-core Bundle Cable Structure

A higher resolution sound can be perceived when a perfect ratio of bundle cores to single wire is applied. After multiple rounds of relentless methodological experimentation, CODE 23 has an optimal positioning of 12 cores that intricately surround a single solid core.

7. Proprietary Multi-size Strands Blend

The sizing of wire strands affects how current is passed through and in simple words, a blend of different sizes will correlate to how each frequency band is affected. To achieve the sound that we deemed is perfect for CODE 23, a proprietary blend of multiple different-size strands is implemented.

8. Full Fledge Interchangeable Modular System

Similar to the Cleopatra II, CODE 23 will spot both ConX and TermX interchangeable Connectors and Termination systems to allow for maximum versatility. You can now pair CODE 23 with your favorite DAPs and IEMs anytime, anywhere.


What Does CODE 23 Sound Like

9. Most Engaging Mids

The Mids and Vocals of CODE 23 can be described as no less than an extraordinary journey. Exceeding the highest standards of allure, lushness, and mesmerism, CODE 23 is designed to be transformative. Bringing listeners on a heart-wrenching discovery into the musician’s world, where each artistic expression is captured and reproduced authentically. 

Hear our flagship-level copper sound. 

10. Subwoofer Effect Cable

A subwoofer produces the lowest of frequencies that can be felt and that’s the target for CODE 23. On top of a visceral punch and a strong sensorial bass, through CODE 23, listeners can expect to unlock the deepest dimensional rumble resulting in a more immersive auditory experience.


  • Selected Premium UP-OCC Material Copper Litz
  • 13 Multi-sized Core Bundle with Solid Core Design
  • Proprietary Multi-sized Strands Blend
  • 16.5 AWG 2 Wires
  • EA UltraFlexi™Insulation
  • ConX® Basic Set (2-pin + MMCX) & TermX™ Basic Set Interchangeable Connector/Plug System (2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm) (IEM Version)

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