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FiiO FA7s Six Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors


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Product Details

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↓ Details provided by FiiO

FA7s Six Balanced Armature IEMs

6 Balanced Armature Drivers | 3-way crossover system
316L stainless steel construction | 3rd-gen industrial design
High-purity silver-plated | monocrystalline copper cable
Angled MMCX connectors | Twist-lock swappable plugs
Hi-Res Audio certified

Firing on all frequencies
6 Balanced Armature Drivers

The FA7S is equipped with 6 balanced armature drivers, with each set of drivers handling a specific frequency range having their own sound chambers so as to greatly minimize frequency interference. Both the low frequency set and high frequency set of drivers are made by Knowles – resulting in greatly extended, robust, yet controlled bass as well as highly detailed, delicate treble. The mid-frequency driver is a custom unit exclusively made for FiiO, with lush vocals and an exceptionally pure, natural sound.

Expertly separated, three-way crossover

The FA7S' expertly tuned three-way crossover enables each driver in an average 1:1:1 way to balance the high, mid and low frequencies, and separates them using the "2+2+2" method. Each frequency range takes two different drivers which are designed in an electronic and structural crossover system for precise cutting – thus resulting in a more realistic, balanced sound fully capable of rendering every last detail and emotion in your music, just as the artists intended.

Powder metallurgy, 316L stainless steel construction

We can feel the sincere quality by just one glance. The FA7S is made of medical-grade 316L stainless steel meticulously handled through a powder metallurgy process- 1000 degrees Celsius of high temperature sintering after injection molding to eventually form the whole earphone construction. Its faceplate is processed through a five-axis CNC machine, and the rear cavity is polished by hand for a shiny, dazzling, mirror-like finish. In addition, the 316L stainless steel goes through a PVD electroplating coating process for significantly increased rigidity.

Handsome third-generation industrial design

The FA7S adopts FiiO’s third-generation industrial design with its distinct elements – such as Y-shaped elements reminiscent of windmills, the 120° angles, tri-circular faceplate – all working in harmony to create a balanced sound through clever acoustic design. Each earphone unit of the FA7S made of fastidiously drawn stainless steel and bright blue steel mesh, together with its other unique visual elements, comes together in an intricate design that’s aggressively bold yet pleasantly soothing.

Elegant black and gold edition

The FA7S also comes in black and gold- the PVD electroplating coating process added black elements to achieve an overall bright and transparent mirror-like appearance. In addition, the specially selected gold mesh on the base echoes with the exquisite black faceplate- this elegance is only for your preference.

High quality silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable

The FA7S comes with a high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline wire cable –8 strands of 19 wires each for a total of 152 wires. Each wire is individually isolated and all are braided together in the Litz style. The outer sheath of the cable is made from environmentally friendly TPU, with not only a gorgeous transparent black look but is also resistant against yellowing after long-term use and against stiffening when in low-temperature environments.

Upgraded comfort with angled MMCX

Every detail of the FA7S cable has been optimized for your comfort and ease-of-use. The expanded angled MMCX connectors with left "blue" and right "red" indicators make it easy to connect and detach the FA7S, while the curve of the ear hook is based on scientific research to make it conform comfortably to your ears. With how comfortable the FA7S is, you will want to rock to every music note!

Freely pick and choose, twist-lock swappable plugs

The FA7S features a twist-lock swappable plugs system. Choose between 3.5mm single-ended/2.5mm balanced/4.4mm balanced plugs to suit your music source. You get to choose how to enjoy your music!

Hi-Res Audio certified

The FA7S is officially Hi-Res Audio certified, a testament to its ability to present rich musical details with superb sound quality.

XL set of accessories

  • Balanced ear tips*3 pairs (SML),
  • Bass ear tips*3 pairs (SML),
  • Vocals ear tips*3 pairs (SML),
  • Foam ear tips*3 pairs (M),
  • Dual-flange ear tips*1 pair (M),
  • Cleaning brush*1,
  • Waterproof carrying case*1,
  • Stainless steel MMCX removal tool*1,
  • User manual*1,
  • Magnetic cable clip*1,
  • 152 wires in 8 strands silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable*1,
  • 2.5/3.5/4.4mm swappable audio plug*1 set


Model FA7 FA7s
Type 4 balanced armature drivers 6 Balanced Armatures
BA Knowles CI-22955 + ED-29689 + dual BA driver SWFK-31736 Knowles HODVTEC-31618 (Bass); Knowles RAD-33518 (Highs); DIBEI db646006 (Mids)
Frequency Response 20~40kHz 10~40kHz
Sensitivity 110dB/mW (@1KHz) 111dB (1kHz@1mW)
Impedance 23Ω(@1KHz) 18Ω@1kHz
Plug 3.5mm L-shaped gold-plated stereo jack 2.5/3.5/4.4mm straight swappable audio plugs
Cord Length 1.2m 1.2m
Weight (per earbud) About 5.2g (excl. the cable) About 8.4g (excl. cable)
Color Multiple Silver/Black
Detachable Cable Design Yes (standard MMCX connector) Yes (Standard MMCX connector)

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