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Product Details

↓ Details provided by FiiO

Compact Portable DAC and Amplifier

ES9281AC PRO DAC | RGB status indicator | Full support for a variety of devices MQA rendering support | Supports 32bit/384kHz lossless audio | Supports DSD256

Compact stature
Massive potential

What can be accomplished in a tiny space of 40x15x8mm? In the KA1, there is not only a high-quality DAC, but there is also premium audio amplification to match, both carefully tuned by engineers to truly and faithfully reproduce your music the way it was meant to be heard. The KA1 invites you to listen to it among other portable DAC and amps.

Made with a robust “heart”, for maximum effect

Employed in the KA1 is the ES9281AC PRO chip from ESS, which combines USB audio interface, DAC, and amplifier into one package. When combined with the multi-layered HDI gold-plated PCB it is on, the result is lower crosstalk, higher efficiency through lower power consumption, and ultimately high quality pure sound. 

High-end decoding
Immensely capable

With support up to 32bit/384kHz PCM and DSD256, you will surely be able to hear even the finest details within your music!

*DoP mode supports up to DSD128, Native mode supports up to DSD256

Also supports MQA

The KA1 has been officially certified by MQA to be truly capable of MQA rendering! 

*The KA1 includes MQA Renderer technology, which can connect to an MQA Core signal (from TIDAL streaming service, FiiO Music App or any other MQA enabled music services or media players) and complete the final unfold of an MQA file.

Charmingly colorful, RGB status indicator

The RGB status indicator not only features captivating looks, but also conveniently displays the current audio format and sampling rate.

blue- 48kHz or below sampling rate
yellow- Greater than 48kHz sampling rate
green- DSD tracks
purple- MQA rendering

Versatility with multi-platform support

  • Android/iOS/Windows/Mac compatible
  • Smartphone/portable player/tablet/computer supported
  • Portable/commuting/office/home/gaming uses all supported

General specifications

Name/Model KA1 color Classic Black/Dark Night Green
hardware DAC: ES9281AC PRO FiiO Control is not supported.
weight About 10g size

fuselage: about 40mm x 15mm x 8mm

Line length: 70mm

Audio input interface Type-C Cable or Lightning Headset output interface 3.5mm socket
firmware upgrade The system firmware can be upgraded through USB sample rate indication

blue: below 48kHz

yellow: above 48kHz

Green: DSD

Purple: MQA

channel balance


impedance adaptation

16 to 300 Ω

The highest supported sampling rate 384KHz/32bit Support DSD DSD64/128/256

power supply parameters

power supply   battery capacity  

Audio parameters

Headset Output Part Performance Parameters (3.5mm)
output power 43mW (16Ω,THD+N<1%) output amplitude 1.2V(32Ω/THD+N<1%)
45mW (32Ω,THD+N<1%) channel separation ≥ 73dB(1Khz,32 Ω load)
13mW (300Ω,THD+N<1%)
6.8mW(600Ω,THD+N<1%) output impedance <1.5 Ω (load 32 Ω)
frequency response 20Hz to 20KHz, the curve amplitude varies by 0.1dB. signal-to-noise ratio ≥ 114dB(32 Ω A)
20Hz to 50KHz, the curve amplitude varies by 0.3dB. distortion plus bottom noise <0.0005%(32 Ω A)
bottom noise <2.4uV(A calculation) <0.00018%(600 Ω A)







Classic Black/Dark Night Green

Classic Black

Classic Black




CT7601 + ES9038Q2M + RT6863D * 2

FiiO Control

is not supported.




About 10g

About 12.3g

Approximately 17.5g


fuselage: about 40mm x 15mm x 8mm

Line length: 70mm

fuselage: about 40mm x 15mm x 12mm.

Line length: 70mm

About 56.3mm x 20.2mm x 12mm

Headset Input Interface

Type-C Cable or Lightning

Type-C Cable or Lightning

Type-C lines

Headset output interface

3.5mm single end

4.4mm balance

3.5mm Single End (PO)+4.4mm Balance (BAL)

Sample Rate Indicator

blue: 48kHz and below

yellow: above 48kHz

Green: DSD

magenta: MQA

blue: 48kHz and below

yellow: above 48kHz

Green: DSD

blue: 48kHz and below

yellow: above 48kHz

Green: DSD

Decoding specifications

PCM: 384KHz/32bit

DSD: Dop 64/128

Native 64/128/256


PCM: 384KHz/32bit

DSD: Dop 64/128/256

Native 64/128/256

PCM: 768KHz/32bit

DSD: Dop 64/128/256

Native 64/128/256/512

output amplitude



PO: 2V(32Ω/THD+N<1%)


output power





distortion + bottom noise

<0.0005%(32 Ω A)

<0.00036%(32 Ω)

<0.00024%(32 Ω A)

<0.0008%(PO 32Ω)

<0.0010% (BAL 32Ω)

signal-to-noise ratio

≥ 114dB(32 Ω A)

≥ 125dB(32 Ω A)

≥ 131dB(600 Ω A)

≥ 122dB (PO32 Ω A)

≥ 119dB(BAL 32 Ω A)

power consumption

50mA (standby)

60mA( 40mV)

65mA (standby)

70mA( 40mV)

120mA (standby)

130mA(PO 40mV)

130mA(BAL 40mV)

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