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Final Audio - Sonorous III Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones

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Final Audio Sonorous III Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones

In the Final Audio Sonorous III Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones, the ear pads play an important part in sound quality. When there is a space between the ear pad and the ear, low frequency acoustic pressure changes greatly, and this greatly influences sound quality. So as to achieve a superior fit where it is hard to create a space, we’ve employed synthetic leather, which has an equal amount of flexibility both horizontally and vertically, and have chosen a sponge with just the right amount of flexibility. Establishing apertures on the inside and the outside of the ear pads makes for clear sound quality with sealed headphones.


BAM is the approach of optimizing the balance of pressure at the front and rear of the diaphragm. SONOROUS III has been tuned to an extremely accurate level based on new knowledge expertise gained from the development of SONOROUS VIII and SONOROUS X.

To achieve a high level of precision with the hard ABS housing, simulations were carried out until the appropriate level of fluidity with respect to the molding material was achieved. A textured finish that is also used with high-grade camera lenses is applied, and unnecessary vibrations are suppressed.

With SONOROUS X, the flagship model of the SONOROUS series, we integrated the driver unit with the front plate, and this suppresses resonance as well as realizing clear sound quality. The housing employs hard resin comprised of hard polycarbonate strengthened with 30% glass added to it. Resonance is suppressed and clear sound quality is achieved. Titanium has been employed for the diaphragm. This plays a role in enhancing resolution and the generation of high frequency harmonic overtones.

A metal plated monaural plug with a diameter of 3.5mm is employed for the connector on the headphones. By employing a connector with a long track record, trouble resulting from poor connection through changes over time is avoided. This is a cable with a locking mechanism that rotates 90°.

Final Audio Sonorous III Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones Technical Specifications

Frequency Response N/A
Impedance 16 Ohms
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 105 dB
Headphone Housing Material Titanium diaghpram, ABS housing
Driver Style Balanced Armature
Cable Length 1.5 m
Weight 410 g

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Final Audio - Sonorous III Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones

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Richard M.
United States United States

Sorry but these are ON-ears…

The sound is quite impressive for a semi-portable, closed-back. It has a fairly neutral sound although there may be a push in the lower midrange – midrange; I hear some boxiness from time to time. Sound isolation is above average for a closed-back. I don’t see any ports in the cups. Soundstage is surprisingly outside my head. It’s better than the average closed-back. ****, it’s better than some open backs. The sound is actually similar to the D8000 Pro, its $4,300 sibling. I was switching back and forth and sometimes, I forgot which one was on my head. The build is better than other headphones up to $300, which is remarkable considering manufacturing costs in Japan. But the design is quite bulky and the esthetics may not be for everyone (as a portable). The reason I’ve been calling it a (semi-) portable is because it’s so easy to drive and it comes with a shorter cable with a 3.5 mm connector. I guess you could wear it on mass transit or something. Comfort is where I have an issue. Final Audio eliminates the “space between the ear pad and the ear,” to improve the lows. And sure enough, these things sit on my ears. The pads are very small and shallow (1.5 cm deep uncompressed, inner diameter is 5.5 cm), and have a sponge pad over the driver area that I can clearly feel. My ears hurt a little after a couple of hours. In fact, I can’t measure the frequency response because the pads won’t accommodate the ears on my EARS rig (ear height 6.5 cm, 2 cm protrusion – probably similar to my own ears). Still, the comfort isn’t terrible. I just prefer nothing to touch my ears. The clamp is very light which also helps. Although the thick, metal band is too heavy for the clamp and these will likely fall off if I bend my head down a few times (a potential issue if you use this while commuting). Overall, these are good sounding headphones that are made in Japan and sell for $300 – pretty rare these days to see “Made in Japan” on electronics in this price range. However, they’re kind of uncomfortable because they sit on my ears. I wish the pads were bigger.

Jeremy G.
United States United States

Excellent Tonality

First off, this headphone is extremely natural sounding. The tuning makes this headphone excellent for the price. In terms of technicality, the Focal Elegia has the edge. However, the Elegia doesn’t sound nearly as natural as this headphone. The cons however are the dual 3.5mm inputs (they have a locking mechanism, so you can’t use just any cable) and the way the cup’s swivel, making you have to put in just that little bit of extra effort to get a perfect position placement on your head. Other than that, the tuning and technical ability is great here. If you’re looking for a clean and natural sounding closed back and can deal with those cons, get them.

Edwin M.
United States United States

Sometimes you need to skip the budget line and jump in the middle.

I began my experience with this headphone at the Audio46 store in NYC. I was introduced to the ATH-M50x, DT 770 as alternatives to starter headphones. I wanted more power and more intimate sounds. I am not well versed in describing sound quality however I can tell you what I experienced. I was blown away with the music I simply had music on my phone, powered by the Chord Mojo (awesome btw). Because of this headphone I am able to enjoy R&B/Hip-Hop, Metal, Pop, Classical, Country ( I have a subscription to TIDAL so I'm all over the place with music). I feel this was a great investment in my goal of finding relaxation and introducing me to a world of music I've been waiting to hear most of my life and properly in my opinion. I could have purchased this cheaper elsewhere but with my purchase is also thank you to the employees at Audio46 for assisting me. And if you're purchasing items from this store please leave reviews. Thanks for reading. TL;DR Buy headphones, Great sound, Sound isolation once audio starts. Doesn't need dac/amp but to make them shine, yes. Enjoy.


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